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protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager Class Reference

ArchiveManager is responsible for communication with JobDistributor and organization of Batches and returning decoys he owns an Archive (AbstractArchiveBase) that will be handed the decoys and is asked to generate_batch() if the QUEUE_EMPTY . More...

#include <ArchiveManager.hh>

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Public Types

typedef utility::vector1< BatchBatchList

Public Member Functions

 ArchiveManager (core::Size archive_rank, core::Size jd_master_rank, core::Size file_buf_rank)
 ctor is protected; singleton pattern
virtual ~ArchiveManager ()
void go (ArchiveBaseOP)
Batchstart_new_batch (core::io::silent::SilentStructOPs const &start_decoys)
Batchstart_new_batch ()
void finalize_batch (Batch &, bool reread=false)
core::Size last_batch_id () const
BatchList const & batches () const
core::Size unfinished_batches () const
void cancel_batch (Batch &batch, bool allow_reading_of_decoys=true)
void cancel_batches_previous_to (core::Size batch_id, bool allow_reading_of_decoys=true)
void save_archive ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void register_options ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void batch_underflow ()
 triggered in slave if new batch_ID comes in.
void idle ()
void jobs_completed ()
void queue_batch (Batch const &batch)
void cancel_batch (Batch const &batch)
void read_existing_batches ()
void register_batch (Batch new_batch)
void send_stop_to_jobdistributor ()
bool restore_archive ()


class JobDistributorFactory

Detailed Description

ArchiveManager is responsible for communication with JobDistributor and organization of Batches and returning decoys he owns an Archive (AbstractArchiveBase) that will be handed the decoys and is asked to generate_batch() if the QUEUE_EMPTY .

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::ArchiveManager ( core::Size  archive_rank,
core::Size  jd_master_rank,
core::Size  file_buf_rank 

ctor is protected; singleton pattern

constructor. Notice it calls the parent class! It also builds some internal variables for determining which processor it is in MPI land.

virtual protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::~ArchiveManager ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::batch_underflow ( ) [inline, protected, virtual]

triggered in slave if new batch_ID comes in.

BatchList const& protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::batches ( ) const [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::cancel_batch ( Batch batch,
bool  allow_reading_of_decoys = true 
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::cancel_batch ( Batch const &  batch) [protected]
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::cancel_batches_previous_to ( core::Size  batch_id,
bool  allow_reading_of_decoys = true 

References cancel_batch().

void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::finalize_batch ( Batch new_batch,
bool  reread = false 
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::go ( ArchiveBaseOP  archive)
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::idle ( ) [protected]
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::jobs_completed ( ) [protected]
core::Size protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::last_batch_id ( ) const [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::queue_batch ( Batch const &  batch) [protected]
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::read_existing_batches ( ) [protected]
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::register_batch ( Batch  new_batch) [protected]
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::register_options ( ) [static]
bool protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::restore_archive ( ) [protected]

Referenced by go().

void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::save_archive ( )
void protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::send_stop_to_jobdistributor ( ) [protected]

References queue_batch(), save_archive(), and protocols::jd2::tr().

Referenced by go().

Batch & protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::start_new_batch ( )

Referenced by read_existing_batches().

Batch & protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::start_new_batch ( core::io::silent::SilentStructOPs const &  start_decoys)
core::Size protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::unfinished_batches ( ) const

References batches(), and make_table_of_pilot_apps::begin.

Referenced by go().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class JobDistributorFactory [friend]

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