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protocols::jd2::archive::Batch Class Reference

a Batch represents a directory "batch_000xxx" that contains flags, broker-setup input-files and output-files the Batch-class helps to get the correct file- and directory names, and has some knowledge about its status: finished, unfinished ... decoys already processed by Archive More...

#include <ArchiveManager.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Batch (utility::options::OptionCollection const &options, bool intermediate_structs, bool has_silent_in, core::Size nstruct)
 Batch (core::Size id)
std::string batch () const
 some useful file- and directory names
std::string dir () const
std::string silent_in () const
std::string flag_file () const
std::string broker_file () const
std::string extra_broker_files () const
std::string all_broker_files () const
std::string silent_out () const
std::string score_file () const
const & 
user_options () const
utility::options::OptionCollection & user_options ()
bool has_silent_in () const
bool intermediate_structs () const
 writes out intermediate decoys
bool has_finished () const
 batch has finished
bool is_cancelled () const
 batch has finished
bool allow_reading_cancelled_decoys () const
 batch has finished
core::Sizenstruct ()
 nstruct ...
core::Size nstruct () const
core::Size id () const
 batch id
core::Size decoys_returned () const
 how many structures have been processed by archive already
void set_has_silent_in (bool setting=true)
void set_intermediate_structs (bool setting=true)
void mark_as_finished ()
void mark_as_cancelled (bool allow_reading_of_decoys=true)
void mark_as_invalid ()
bool valid () const
void set_id (core::Size id)
void set_decoys_returned (core::Size setting)
void show (std::ostream &, bool single_line=false) const
void write_info_file () const
 read and write BATCH_INFO ( decoys_returned/ finished etc.. )
void read_info_file ()


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, Batch const &)
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &, Batch &)

Detailed Description

a Batch represents a directory "batch_000xxx" that contains flags, broker-setup input-files and output-files the Batch-class helps to get the correct file- and directory names, and has some knowledge about its status: finished, unfinished ... decoys already processed by Archive

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::Batch ( utility::options::OptionCollection const &  options,
bool  intermediate_structs,
bool  has_silent_in,
core::Size  nstruct 
) [inline]
protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::Batch ( core::Size  id) [inline]


Member Function Documentation

std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::all_broker_files ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::allow_reading_cancelled_decoys ( ) const [inline]
std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::batch ( ) const
std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::broker_file ( ) const
core::Size protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::decoys_returned ( ) const [inline]

how many structures have been processed by archive already

Referenced by protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::jobs_completed(), and protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveBase::read_structures().

std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::dir ( ) const
std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::extra_broker_files ( ) const

Referenced by all_broker_files().

std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::flag_file ( ) const
bool protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::has_finished ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::has_silent_in ( ) const [inline]


has input decoys

Referenced by protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::finalize_batch().

core::Size protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::id ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::intermediate_structs ( ) const [inline]

writes out intermediate decoys

Referenced by protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveManager::finalize_batch().

bool protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::is_cancelled ( ) const [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::mark_as_cancelled ( bool  allow_reading_of_decoys = true) [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::mark_as_finished ( ) [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::mark_as_invalid ( ) [inline]
core::Size& protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::nstruct ( ) [inline]
core::Size protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::nstruct ( ) const [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::read_info_file ( )
std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::score_file ( ) const
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::set_decoys_returned ( core::Size  setting) [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::set_has_silent_in ( bool  setting = true) [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::set_id ( core::Size  id) [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::set_intermediate_structs ( bool  setting = true) [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::show ( std::ostream &  out,
bool  single_line = false 
) const
std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::silent_in ( ) const
std::string protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::silent_out ( ) const
utility::options::OptionCollection& protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::user_options ( ) [inline]
utility::options::OptionCollection const& protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::user_options ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::valid ( ) const [inline]
void protocols::jd2::archive::Batch::write_info_file ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
Batch const &  batch 
) [friend]
std::istream& operator>> ( std::istream &  in,
Batch batch 
) [friend]

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