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core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_ Class Reference

#include <FrameIteratorWorker_.hh>

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Protected Member Functions

virtual bool operator!= (FrameIteratorWorker_ const &) const =0
virtual bool operator== (FrameIteratorWorker_ const &fit) const
virtual FrameIteratorWorker_operator++ ()=0
virtual FrameIteratorWorker_operator+ (Size offset)
virtual FrameIteratorWorker_operator= (FrameIteratorWorker_ const &itr)=0
Frameoperator* ()
Frame const * operator* () const
Frameoperator-> ()
Frame const * operator-> () const
virtual Frameframe_ptr ()=0
virtual Frame const * frame_ptr () const =0


class FrameIterator
class FragID_Iterator

Member Function Documentation

virtual Frame* core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::frame_ptr ( ) [protected, pure virtual]
virtual Frame const* core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::frame_ptr ( ) const [protected, pure virtual]
virtual bool core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator!= ( FrameIteratorWorker_ const &  ) const [protected, pure virtual]
Frame* core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator* ( ) [inline, protected]

References frame_ptr().

Frame const* core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator* ( ) const [inline, protected]

References frame_ptr().

virtual FrameIteratorWorker_& core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator+ ( Size  offset) [inline, protected, virtual]
virtual FrameIteratorWorker_& core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator++ ( ) [protected, pure virtual]
Frame const* core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator-> ( ) const [inline, protected]

References frame_ptr().

Frame* core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator-> ( ) [inline, protected]

References frame_ptr().

virtual FrameIteratorWorker_& core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator= ( FrameIteratorWorker_ const &  itr) [protected, pure virtual]
virtual bool core::fragment::FrameIteratorWorker_::operator== ( FrameIteratorWorker_ const &  fit) const [inline, protected, virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class FragID_Iterator [friend]
friend class FrameIterator [friend]

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