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protocols::loophash::BackboneDB Class Reference

#include <BackboneDB.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 BackboneDB ()
core::Real angle (core::Size index, core::Size offset)
void add_pose (const core::pose::Pose &pose, core::Size nres, core::Size &offset, protocols::frag_picker::VallChunkOP chunk=NULL)
void get_protein (core::Size index, BBData &protein) const
void get_extra_data (core::Size index, BBExtraData &extra) const
void add_protein (BBData new_protein)
void add_extra_data (BBExtraData extra)
void get_backbone_segment (const core::Size index, const core::Size offset, const core::Size len, BackboneSegment &bs) const
core::Size size () const
core::Size extra_size () const
void write_db (std::string filename)
void read_db (std::string filename, bool load_extra, core::Size num_partitions, core::Size assigned_num, std::pair< core::Size, core::Size > &loop_range, std::map< core::Size, bool > &homolog_index)
void read_db (std::string filename, bool load_extra)
void read_legacydb (std::string filename)
void read_homologs ()
core::Size get_mem_foot_print ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::BackboneDB ( ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::add_extra_data ( BBExtraData  extra)
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::add_pose ( const core::pose::Pose pose,
core::Size  nres,
core::Size offset,
protocols::frag_picker::VallChunkOP  chunk = NULL 
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::add_protein ( BBData  new_protein)
core::Real protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::angle ( core::Size  index,
core::Size  offset 
core::Size protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::extra_size ( ) const [inline]
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::get_backbone_segment ( const core::Size  index,
const core::Size  offset,
const core::Size  len,
BackboneSegment bs 
) const
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::get_extra_data ( core::Size  index,
BBExtraData extra 
) const
core::Size protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::get_mem_foot_print ( ) [inline]
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::get_protein ( core::Size  index,
BBData protein 
) const
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::read_db ( std::string  filename,
bool  load_extra 
) [inline]

References read_db().

void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::read_db ( std::string  filename,
bool  load_extra,
core::Size  num_partitions,
core::Size  assigned_num,
std::pair< core::Size, core::Size > &  loop_range,
std::map< core::Size, bool > &  homolog_index 
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::read_homologs ( )
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::read_legacydb ( std::string  filename)
core::Size protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::size ( ) const [inline]
void protocols::loophash::BackboneDB::write_db ( std::string  filename)

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