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core::pose::metrics::CalculatorFactory Class Reference

#include <CalculatorFactory.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void register_calculator (std::string const &calculator_name, PoseMetricCalculatorOP const new_calculator)
bool check_calculator_exists (std::string const &calculator_name)
bool remove_calculator (std::string const &calculator_name)
 remove a calculator from the factory
bool clear_calculators ()
 clear all calculators from factory
PoseMetricCalculatorOP retrieve_calculator (std::string const &calculator_name)

Static Public Member Functions

static CalculatorFactoryInstance ()

Member Function Documentation

bool core::pose::metrics::CalculatorFactory::check_calculator_exists ( std::string const &  calculator_name)

Referenced by register_calculator().

bool core::pose::metrics::CalculatorFactory::clear_calculators ( )

clear all calculators from factory

false if no calculators in list, true otherwise
static CalculatorFactory& core::pose::metrics::CalculatorFactory::Instance ( ) [inline, static]
void core::pose::metrics::CalculatorFactory::register_calculator ( std::string const &  calculator_name,
PoseMetricCalculatorOP const  new_calculator 
bool core::pose::metrics::CalculatorFactory::remove_calculator ( std::string const &  calculator_name)

remove a calculator from the factory

true if calculator removed, false if no such calculator
PoseMetricCalculatorOP core::pose::metrics::CalculatorFactory::retrieve_calculator ( std::string const &  calculator_name)

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