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protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment Class Reference

Rigid-body segments in a protein. More...

#include <RBSegment.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 RBSegment ()
 RBSegment (int seg_begin, int seg_end, RBSegmentType seg_type)
 construct a simple RB Segment
 RBSegment (RBResidueRange const &range_in)
 construct a simple RBSegment from an RB residue range
 RBSegment (int seg_begin, int seg_end, char type)
 construct a simple RB Segment
 RBSegment (utility::vector1< RBSegment > const &segs_in)
 construct a compound RBSegment from a vector of simple RBSegments
void set_movement (core::Real sigAxisR, core::Real sigAxisT, core::Real sigOffAxisR=0.0, core::Real sigOffAxisT=0.0)
void get_movement (core::Real &sigAxisR, core::Real &sigAxisT, core::Real &sigOffAxisR, core::Real &sigOffAxisT) const
RBSegment remap (core::id::SequenceMapping const &mapping) const
core::Size nContinuousSegments () const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isSimple () const
bool isHelix () const
bool isSheet () const
bool isGenericRB () const
bool isCompound () const
bool initialized () const
core::Real getSigAxisR () const
core::Real getSigAxisT () const
core::Real getSigOffAxisR () const
core::Real getSigOffAxisT () const
RBResidueRangeoperator[] (int i)
RBResidueRange const & operator[] (int i) const

Detailed Description

Rigid-body segments in a protein.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::RBSegment ( ) [inline]
protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::RBSegment ( int  seg_begin,
int  seg_end,
RBSegmentType  seg_type 
) [inline]

construct a simple RB Segment

protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::RBSegment ( RBResidueRange const &  range_in) [inline]

construct a simple RBSegment from an RB residue range

protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::RBSegment ( int  seg_begin,
int  seg_end,
char  type 
) [inline]
protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::RBSegment ( utility::vector1< RBSegment > const &  segs_in)

construct a compound RBSegment from a vector of simple RBSegments

References protocols::rbsegment_relax::TR_seg().

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::get_movement ( core::Real sigAxisR,
core::Real sigAxisT,
core::Real sigOffAxisR,
core::Real sigOffAxisT 
) const
core::Real protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::getSigAxisR ( ) const [inline]
core::Real protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::getSigAxisT ( ) const [inline]
core::Real protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::getSigOffAxisR ( ) const [inline]
core::Real protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::getSigOffAxisT ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::initialized ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::isCompound ( ) const [inline]

References nContinuousSegments().

bool protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::isEmpty ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::isGenericRB ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::isHelix ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::isSheet ( ) const [inline]
bool protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::isSimple ( ) const [inline]

References nContinuousSegments().

Referenced by isGenericRB(), isHelix(), and isSheet().

core::Size protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::nContinuousSegments ( ) const [inline]
RBResidueRange& protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::operator[] ( int  i) [inline]
RBResidueRange const& protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::operator[] ( int  i) const [inline]
RBSegment protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::remap ( core::id::SequenceMapping const &  mapping) const
void protocols::rbsegment_relax::RBSegment::set_movement ( core::Real  sigAxisR,
core::Real  sigAxisT,
core::Real  sigOffAxisR = 0.0,
core::Real  sigOffAxisT = 0.0 

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