Rosetta 3.5
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Reviewer's Template
Andrew Leaver-Fay


Last edited by Andrew Leaver-Fay on April 6th, 2010.


What as a reviewer are you expected to verify? There are three aspects. The easiest aspect both to describe and to perform is to determine whether the documentation conforms to the template. You should also review the documentation for poor grammar, incorrect spelling, or unclear phrases. The final aspect, the one hardest to describe and the one that requires more effort on your part, is to determine whether the documentation presents clearly the purpose and interface for a particular application.

Finished Product of the Review

Your review should include the following three sections in the following order:

Please send your review, and how much time your review took, to the editor and to your PI so that your PI will know how much work their lab has invested in the review process. The editor will forward your review along to the documenter. You may be contacted a subsequent time to finish the review for this application, or a subsequent round of review may be sent to another person in another lab.