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protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictOperationsBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <RestrictOperationsBase.hh>

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Public Types

typedef TaskOperation parent
- Public Types inherited from core::pack::task::operation::TaskOperation
typedef utility::tag::TagPtr TagPtr
typedef pose::Pose Pose

Public Member Functions

 RestrictOperationsBase ()
virtual ~RestrictOperationsBase ()
virtual TaskOperationOP clone () const =0
 Create another task operation of the type matching the most-derived version of the class. More...
virtual void apply (core::pose::Pose const &, core::pack::task::PackerTask &) const =0
 Change a packer task in some way. The input pose is the one to which the input task will be later applied. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pack::task::operation::TaskOperation
virtual ~TaskOperation ()
virtual void parse_tag (TagPtr)
 Used to parse an xml-like tag to load parameters and properties. More...
virtual void parse_def (utility::lua::LuaObject const &def)

Protected Member Functions

void run_calculator (core::pose::Pose const &pose, std::string const &calculator, std::string const &calculation, utility::vector1_bool &residues) const
 this is the only real function - it takes a calculator name and calculation, and a PackerTask-compatible vector, and flips booleans in the vector according to the calculator More...

Detailed Description

This base class defines an interface for TaskOperations which use PoseMetricCalculators to pick out certain residues in a pose. The apply function takes a vector of PoseMetricCalculators and a vector of calculation queries, and uses those queries to shape the PackerTask. This was designed to work with NeighborsByDistanceCalculator, NeighborhoodByDistanceCalculator, and InterfaceNeighborDefinitionCalculator; in general it works when the calculators can return MetricValue< std::set< core::Size > > (a std::set of resids).

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictOperationsBase::RestrictOperationsBase ( )
protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictOperationsBase::~RestrictOperationsBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictOperationsBase::apply ( core::pose::Pose const &  ,
) const
pure virtual
virtual TaskOperationOP protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictOperationsBase::clone ( ) const
pure virtual
void protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictOperationsBase::run_calculator ( core::pose::Pose const &  pose,
std::string const &  calculator,
std::string const &  calculation,
utility::vector1_bool &  residues 
) const

this is the only real function - it takes a calculator name and calculation, and a PackerTask-compatible vector, and flips booleans in the vector according to the calculator

References core::sequence::end, core::pose::Pose::metric(), and core::pose::Pose::total_residue().

Referenced by protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictToInterfaceOperation::apply(), protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictByCalculatorsOperation::apply(), and protocols::toolbox::task_operations::RestrictToNeighborhoodOperation::apply().

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