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core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen Class Reference

the default constant length fragment Vall ExtentGenerator More...

#include <LengthGen.hh>

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Public Types

typedef Super::Size Size
typedef Super::Extent Extent
 typedef for ExtentGenerator concept More...
typedef Super::PageIterator PageIterator
 typedef for ExtentGenerator concept More...
typedef PageIterator VallResidueIterator
- Public Types inherited from core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::VallFragmentGen
typedef core::Size Size
< VallSection::PageConstIterator
 typedef for ExtentGenerator concept More...
typedef Extent::PageIterator PageIterator
 typedef for ExtentGenerator concept More...
typedef PageIterator VallResidueIterator

Public Member Functions

 LengthGen ()
 default constructor More...
 LengthGen (Size const frag_size)
 fragment size constructor More...
 LengthGen (LengthGen const &rval)
 copy constructor More...
virtual ~LengthGen ()
 default destructor More...
LengthGenoperator= (LengthGen const &rval)
 copy assignment More...
virtual VallFragmentGenOP clone () const
 clone this object More...
virtual Extent operator() (VallResidueIterator extent_begin, VallResidueIterator section_end) const
 return the desired fragment extent w/requested fragment size More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::VallFragmentGen
 VallFragmentGen ()
 default constructor More...
 VallFragmentGen (VallFragmentGen const &rval)
 copy constructor More...
virtual ~VallFragmentGen ()
 default destructor More...
VallFragmentGenoperator= (VallFragmentGen const &rval)
 copy assignment More...

Private Types

typedef VallFragmentGen Super

Private Attributes

Size frag_size_
 the size of desired fragment More...

Detailed Description

the default constant length fragment Vall ExtentGenerator

assumes that Pages in the Book are stored in a container capable of returning a RandomAccessIterator, such as std::vector

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef for ExtentGenerator concept

typedef for ExtentGenerator concept

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::LengthGen ( )

default constructor

Referenced by clone().

core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::LengthGen ( Size const  frag_size)

fragment size constructor

[in]frag_sizethe desired length of the fragment
core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::LengthGen ( LengthGen const &  rval)

copy constructor

core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::~LengthGen ( )

default destructor

Member Function Documentation

VallFragmentGenOP core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::clone ( ) const

clone this object

Implements core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::VallFragmentGen.

References LengthGen().

LengthGen::Extent core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::operator() ( VallResidueIterator  extent_begin,
VallResidueIterator  section_end 
) const

return the desired fragment extent w/requested fragment size

valid (true) extent if the end of the extent does not go past the section_end, invalid (false) extent otherwise
we assume VallResidueIterator is a type of RandomAccessIterator, such as those used in std::vector

Implements core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::VallFragmentGen.

References core::fragment::picking_old::concepts::Extent< PageIterator >::begin, core::fragment::picking_old::concepts::Extent< PageIterator >::end, frag_size_, and core::fragment::picking_old::concepts::Extent< PageIterator >::valid.

LengthGen & core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::operator= ( LengthGen const &  rval)

Member Data Documentation

Size core::fragment::picking_old::vall::gen::LengthGen::frag_size_

the size of desired fragment

Referenced by operator()(), and operator=().

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