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protocols::sparta::GDB Class Reference

#include <GDB.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 GDB ()
 GDB (const std::string &fileName)
void loadGDB (const std::string &fileName)
void saveGDB (const std::string &fileName)
void showGDB (std::ostream &os)
void addVAR (const std::string &VAR_Name, const std::string &FORMAT_Name)
void setVAR (int index, const std::string &VAR_Name, const std::string &FORMAT_Name)
void setData (const std::string &DataName, const std::string &DataVal)
std::string getData (const std::string &DataName)
GDB_Entry getEntry (int number)
GDB_Entry getEntry (const std::string &VName, const std::string &VVal, int index)
GDB_Entry getEntry (const std::string &VName1, const std::string &VVal1, const std::string &VName2, const std::string &VVal2, int index)
void setEntry (int index, const std::string &VarName, const std::string &VarVal)
void addEntry (const std::string &VarName, const std::string &VarVal)
void addRemark (const std::string &str)
std::string getResidName (int rNum)
int getEntryCount ()
void presetClass (const std::string &ClassName)
bool checkFormat (const std::string &f)
bool isVarFloat (int index)
bool isVarInt (int index)
bool isVarString (int index)
bool isVarFloat (const std::string &VarName)
bool isVarInt (const std::string &VarName)
bool isVarString (const std::string &VarName)
void VARS_str_parser (const std::string &str)
void FORMAT_str_parser (const std::string &str)
void set_plaintext ()

Public Attributes

std::string GDBfileName
std::string FORMAT_str
std::string VARS_str
int VarsNumber
int firstResID
boost::unordered_map< int,
std::string > 
utility::vector0< std::string > REMARKS
utility::vector0< std::string > DATA
boost::unordered_map< int,
std::string > 
boost::unordered_map< int,
std::string > 
boost::unordered_map< int,

Private Attributes

std::string ClassType
bool plain_text
char buf [5000]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::sparta::GDB::GDB ( )
protocols::sparta::GDB::GDB ( const std::string &  fileName)

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::sparta::GDB::addEntry ( const std::string &  VarName,
const std::string &  VarVal 
void protocols::sparta::GDB::addRemark ( const std::string &  str)
void protocols::sparta::GDB::addVAR ( const std::string &  VAR_Name,
const std::string &  FORMAT_Name 
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::checkFormat ( const std::string &  f)
void protocols::sparta::GDB::FORMAT_str_parser ( const std::string &  str)
string protocols::sparta::GDB::getData ( const std::string &  DataName)
GDB_Entry protocols::sparta::GDB::getEntry ( int  number)
GDB_Entry protocols::sparta::GDB::getEntry ( const std::string &  VName,
const std::string &  VVal,
int  index 
GDB_Entry protocols::sparta::GDB::getEntry ( const std::string &  VName1,
const std::string &  VVal1,
const std::string &  VName2,
const std::string &  VVal2,
int  index 
int protocols::sparta::GDB::getEntryCount ( )
string protocols::sparta::GDB::getResidName ( int  rNum)
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::isVarFloat ( int  index)
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::isVarFloat ( const std::string &  VarName)
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::isVarInt ( int  index)
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::isVarInt ( const std::string &  VarName)
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::isVarString ( int  index)
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::isVarString ( const std::string &  VarName)
void protocols::sparta::GDB::loadGDB ( const std::string &  fileName)
void protocols::sparta::GDB::presetClass ( const std::string &  ClassName)
void protocols::sparta::GDB::saveGDB ( const std::string &  fileName)
void protocols::sparta::GDB::set_plaintext ( )
void protocols::sparta::GDB::setData ( const std::string &  DataName,
const std::string &  DataVal 
void protocols::sparta::GDB::setEntry ( int  index,
const std::string &  VarName,
const std::string &  VarVal 
void protocols::sparta::GDB::setVAR ( int  index,
const std::string &  VAR_Name,
const std::string &  FORMAT_Name 
void protocols::sparta::GDB::showGDB ( std::ostream &  os)
void protocols::sparta::GDB::VARS_str_parser ( const std::string &  str)

Member Data Documentation

char protocols::sparta::GDB::buf[5000]
std::string protocols::sparta::GDB::ClassType
utility::vector0< std::string > protocols::sparta::GDB::DATA
GDB_Entry protocols::sparta::GDB::EMPTY
boost::unordered_map< int, GDB_Entry > protocols::sparta::GDB::Entries
int protocols::sparta::GDB::firstResID
boost::unordered_map<int, std::string> protocols::sparta::GDB::FORMAT
std::string protocols::sparta::GDB::FORMAT_str
std::string protocols::sparta::GDB::GDBfileName
bool protocols::sparta::GDB::plain_text
utility::vector0< std::string > protocols::sparta::GDB::REMARKS
boost::unordered_map<int, std::string> protocols::sparta::GDB::residList
boost::unordered_map<int, std::string> protocols::sparta::GDB::VARS
std::string protocols::sparta::GDB::VARS_str
int protocols::sparta::GDB::VarsNumber

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