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utility::pointer::owning_ptr Class Reference

Detailed Description

owning_ptr is designed to be a shared-ownership intrusive reference counted smart pointer much like boost::intrusive_ptr but with a few modifications.

Differences from intrusive_ptr:


Ownership of the pointee object can be shared with intrusive_ptr or other smart pointers that use the same reference counting mechanism in the object.

Pointers to const objects: owning_ptr< Type const >

Virtual functions shouldn't return owning_ptr because, like all template-based smart pointers, it doesn't support covariant return types but raw pointer return values can be assigned to owning_ptr.

Casts: The cast functions are merely a convenience for owning_ptr (unlike for non-intrusive shared ownership pointers) so for:

owning_ptr< Base > pB( new Derived() );

the cast:

dynamic_pointer_cast< Derived >( pB );

is equivalent to:

owning_ptr< Derived >( dynamic_cast< Derived * >( pB() ) );

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