Rosetta 3.5
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How to use the PyMOL-Rosetta server
Steven Lewis

This document was orginally written 4 Jan 2012 by Steven Lewis. This document was last updated 4 Jan 2012 by Steven Lewis.

NOTE: I didn't write any part of this server. Harass the Gray lab to flesh out this document.

New_Library contains code for this purpose

Jeff Gray's lab wrote an awesome tool to let you watch live Rosetta trajectories in PyMOL. It's like the graphics viewer but even awesomer.

How to use it

1) Open pymol 2) run /path/to/rosetta/src/python/bindings/ 3) Start a Rosetta run with the flag -show_simulation_in_pymol X, where X is how many seconds pass between PyMOL updates. 5 is default; low values may overload your computer.