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protocols::frag_picker::PdbIdChunkFilter Class Reference

#include <PdbIdChunkFilter.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void add_pdb_id (std::string pdb_ids)
 Adds a pdb id to the filter. More...
void add_pdb_ids (utility::vector1< std::string > list_of_pdb_ids)
 Adds a bunch of pdb ids to the filter. More...
void load_pdb_id_from_file (std::string)
void show_pdb_ids (std::ostream &out)
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::frag_picker::VallChunkFilter
virtual ~VallChunkFilter ()
virtual bool test_chunk (VallChunkOP)=0
 if a chunk seems to be interesting, return true. Otherwise say false More...

Protected Attributes

std::map< std::string, boolpdb_hash_

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::frag_picker::PdbIdChunkFilter::add_pdb_id ( std::string  pdb_ids)

Adds a pdb id to the filter.

Detailed: What that PDB id means it depends on the filter implementation

References pdb_hash_.

Referenced by load_pdb_id_from_file().

void protocols::frag_picker::PdbIdChunkFilter::add_pdb_ids ( utility::vector1< std::string >  list_of_pdb_ids)

Adds a bunch of pdb ids to the filter.

References pdb_hash_.

void protocols::frag_picker::PdbIdChunkFilter::load_pdb_id_from_file ( std::string  file_name)
void protocols::frag_picker::PdbIdChunkFilter::show_pdb_ids ( std::ostream &  out)

References pdb_hash_.

Member Data Documentation

std::map<std::string, bool> protocols::frag_picker::PdbIdChunkFilter::pdb_hash_

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