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protocols::moves::MoverFactory Class Reference

#include <MoverFactory.hh>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef utility::tag::Tag Tag
typedef utility::tag::TagPtr TagPtr
typedef core::pose::Pose Pose

Public Member Functions

virtual ~MoverFactory ()
void factory_register (MoverCreatorOP creator)
 add a Mover prototype, using its default type name as the map key More...
MoverOP newMover (std::string const &)
 Create a mover given its identifying string. More...
MoverOP newMover (TagPtr const, DataMap &, protocols::filters::Filters_map const &, Movers_map const &, Pose const &)
 return new Mover by Tag parsing; the identifying string for the Mover is in the Tag More...

Static Public Member Functions

static MoverFactoryget_instance ()

Private Member Functions

 MoverFactory ()
 MoverFactory (MoverFactory const &)
MoverFactory const & operator= (MoverFactory const &)

Private Attributes

MoverMap mover_creator_map_
std::set< std::string > forbidden_names_

Static Private Attributes

static MoverFactoryinstance_

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map< std::string, MoverCreatorOP > protocols::moves::MoverFactory::MoverMap
typedef utility::tag::Tag protocols::moves::MoverFactory::Tag
typedef utility::tag::TagPtr protocols::moves::MoverFactory::TagPtr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::moves::MoverFactory::~MoverFactory ( )
protocols::moves::MoverFactory::MoverFactory ( )

References forbidden_names_.

Referenced by get_instance().

protocols::moves::MoverFactory::MoverFactory ( MoverFactory const &  )

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::moves::MoverFactory::factory_register ( MoverCreatorOP  creator)

add a Mover prototype, using its default type name as the map key

References forbidden_names_, and mover_creator_map_.

MoverFactory * protocols::moves::MoverFactory::get_instance ( )
MoverOP protocols::moves::MoverFactory::newMover ( std::string const &  mover_type)

Create a mover given its identifying string.

return new Mover by key lookup in mover_prototype_map_ (new Mover parses Tag if provided)

References mover_creator_map_, and protocols::moves::TR().

Referenced by protocols::loops::loop_mover::refine::LoopRefineInnerCycleFactory::make_inner_cycle_from_string_name(), newMover(), and protocols::canonical_sampling::MetropolisHastingsMover::parse_my_tag().

MoverOP protocols::moves::MoverFactory::newMover ( TagPtr const  tag,
moves::DataMap data,
protocols::filters::Filters_map const &  filters,
moves::Movers_map const &  movers,
Pose const &  pose 

return new Mover by Tag parsing; the identifying string for the Mover is in the Tag

return new Mover by Tag parsing

References newMover().

MoverFactory const& protocols::moves::MoverFactory::operator= ( MoverFactory const &  )

Member Data Documentation

std::set< std::string > protocols::moves::MoverFactory::forbidden_names_

Referenced by factory_register(), and MoverFactory().

MoverFactory * protocols::moves::MoverFactory::instance_

Referenced by get_instance().

MoverMap protocols::moves::MoverFactory::mover_creator_map_

Referenced by factory_register(), and newMover().

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