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protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures Class Reference

#include <SaltBridgeFeatures.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 SaltBridgeFeatures ()
 SaltBridgeFeatures (core::Length distance_cutoff)
 SaltBridgeFeatures (SaltBridgeFeatures const &src)
virtual ~SaltBridgeFeatures ()
core::Length distance_cutoff () const
void distance_cutoff (core::Length d)
std::string type_name () const
 return string with class name More...
void write_schema_to_db (utility::sql_database::sessionOP db_session) const
 generate the table schemas and write them to the database More...
utility::vector1< std::string > features_reporter_dependencies () const
 return the set of features reporters that are required to also already be extracted by the time this one is used. More...
core::Size report_features (core::pose::Pose const &pose, utility::vector1< bool > const &, boost::uuids::uuid struct_id, utility::sql_database::sessionOP db_session)
 collect all the feature data for the pose More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::features::FeaturesReporter
virtual ~FeaturesReporter ()
 Automatically generated virtual destructor for class deriving directly from ReferenceCount. More...
virtual std::string schema () const
 return sql statements that sets up the appropriate tables to contain the features. This should be removed once everything has been moved to the schema generator More...
core::Size report_features (core::pose::Pose const &, boost::uuids::uuid, utility::sql_database::sessionOP)
 collect all the feature data for the pose. More...
virtual void parse_my_tag (utility::tag::TagPtr const tag, protocols::moves::DataMap &, protocols::filters::Filters_map const &, protocols::moves::Movers_map const &, core::pose::Pose const &)
virtual void load_into_pose (utility::sql_database::sessionOP, boost::uuids::uuid, core::pose::Pose &)
virtual void delete_record (boost::uuids::uuid, utility::sql_database::sessionOP)

Private Member Functions

void write_salt_bridges_table_schema (utility::sql_database::sessionOP db_session) const
 generate the salt_bridges table schema More...

Private Attributes

core::Length distance_cutoff_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::features::FeaturesReporter
std::string find_tag (core::pose::Pose const &pose) const
void delete_records_from_table (std::string const &table_name, boost::uuids::uuid struct_id, utility::sql_database::sessionOP db_session)
 a helper function for deleting data associated with a given structure from feature database WARNING table_name must be sanitized! More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::SaltBridgeFeatures ( )
protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::SaltBridgeFeatures ( core::Length  distance_cutoff)
protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::SaltBridgeFeatures ( SaltBridgeFeatures const &  src)
virtual protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::~SaltBridgeFeatures ( )

Member Function Documentation

core::Length protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::distance_cutoff ( ) const

References distance_cutoff_.

void protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::distance_cutoff ( core::Length  d)

References distance_cutoff_.

utility::vector1< std::string > protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::features_reporter_dependencies ( ) const

return the set of features reporters that are required to also already be extracted by the time this one is used.

Reimplemented from protocols::features::FeaturesReporter.

Size protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::report_features ( core::pose::Pose const &  pose,
utility::vector1< bool > const &  ,
boost::uuids::uuid  struct_id,
utility::sql_database::sessionOP  db_session 
string protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::type_name ( ) const

return string with class name

Reimplemented from protocols::features::FeaturesReporter.

void protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::write_salt_bridges_table_schema ( utility::sql_database::sessionOP  db_session) const

generate the salt_bridges table schema

References protocols::swa::psi().

Referenced by write_schema_to_db().

void protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::write_schema_to_db ( utility::sql_database::sessionOP  db_session) const

generate the table schemas and write them to the database

Implements protocols::features::FeaturesReporter.

References write_salt_bridges_table_schema().

Member Data Documentation

core::Length protocols::features::SaltBridgeFeatures::distance_cutoff_

Referenced by distance_cutoff(), and report_features().

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