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core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization Class Reference

#include <LineMinimizer.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 StrongWolfeLineMinimization (Multifunc const &score_fxn, bool nonmonotone, Size dim)
virtual bool provide_stored_derivatives ()
virtual Real operator() (Multivec &curr_pos, Multivec &curr_dir)
Real StrongWolfe (Real init_step, func_1d &func_eval)
Real zoom (Real alpha_low, Real func_low, Real deriv_low, Real alpha_high, Real func_high, Real deriv_high, Real func_zero, Real deriv_zero, Real &func_return, func_1d &func_eval)
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::optimization::LineMinimizationAlgorithm
virtual ~LineMinimizationAlgorithm ()
 LineMinimizationAlgorithm (Multifunc const &score_fxn, Size dimension)
bool nonmonotone ()
void store_current_derivatives (Multivec &curr_derivs)
void fetch_stored_derivatives (Multivec &get_derivs)
Real quadratic_interpolation (Real point1, Real func1, Real deriv1, Real point2, Real func2)
Real quadratic_deriv_interpolation (Real point1, Real func1, Real deriv1, Real point2, Real func2, Real deriv2)
Real secant_interpolation (Real point1, Real deriv1, Real point2, Real deriv2)
Real cubic_interpolation (Real point1, Real func1, Real deriv1, Real point2, Real func2, Real deriv2)
bool silent ()
void silent (bool s_in)

Public Attributes

bool _nonmonotone
int _num_calls
- Public Attributes inherited from core::optimization::LineMinimizationAlgorithm
Multivec _stored_derivatives
Real _last_accepted_step
Real _func_to_beat
Real _deriv_sum
int _num_linemin_calls

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from core::optimization::LineMinimizationAlgorithm
Real const _tolerance
Multifunc const & _func
bool _nonmonotone
bool _silent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization ( Multifunc const &  score_fxn,
bool  nonmonotone,
Size  dim 

Member Function Documentation

Real core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization::operator() ( Multivec curr_pos,
Multivec curr_dir 
virtual bool core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization::provide_stored_derivatives ( )
Real core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization::StrongWolfe ( Real  init_step,
func_1d func_eval 
Real core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization::zoom ( Real  alpha_low,
Real  func_low,
Real  deriv_low,
Real  alpha_high,
Real  func_high,
Real  deriv_high,
Real  func_zero,
Real  deriv_zero,
Real func_return,
func_1d func_eval 

Member Data Documentation

bool core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization::_nonmonotone
int core::optimization::StrongWolfeLineMinimization::_num_calls

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