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protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint Class Reference

#include <OriginalScaffoldBuildPoint.hh>

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Public Types

typedef core::Real Real
typedef core::Vector Vector
typedef ScaffoldBuildPoint parent
- Public Types inherited from protocols::match::upstream::ScaffoldBuildPoint
typedef core::Size Size

Public Member Functions

 ProteinBackboneBuildPoint ()
 ProteinBackboneBuildPoint (Size index)
virtual ~ProteinBackboneBuildPoint ()
Real phi () const
Real psi () const
Vector N_pos () const
Vector CA_pos () const
Vector C_pos () const
Vector O_pos () const
Vector H_pos () const
Vector HA_pos () const
void phi (Real setting)
 Setters. More...
void psi (Real setting)
void N_pos (Vector const &setting)
void CA_pos (Vector const &setting)
void C_pos (Vector const &setting)
void O_pos (Vector const &setting)
void H_pos (Vector const &setting)
void HA_pos (Vector const &setting)
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::match::upstream::ScaffoldBuildPoint
 ScaffoldBuildPoint ()
 ScaffoldBuildPoint (Size index)
virtual ~ScaffoldBuildPoint ()
virtual bool compatible (ScaffoldBuildPoint const &, bool first_dispatch=true) const
virtual bool compatible (OriginalBackboneBuildPoint const &, bool first_dispatch=true) const
virtual Size original_insertion_point () const =0
 Inform the calling function where in the original scaffold this build point should be inserted. If the output pose from a matching has a different number of residues than the original scaffold, then the calling function must determine where the hit from this build point should be inserted. More...
virtual void insert (Size seqpos_to_insert_at, Hit const &hit, UpstreamBuilderCOP builder, core::pose::Pose &pose) const =0
Size index () const
void index (Size setting)

Private Attributes

Real phi_
Real psi_
Vector N_pos_
Vector CA_pos_
Vector C_pos_
Vector O_pos_
Vector H_pos_
Vector HA_pos_

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint ( )

Initialize the coordinates to bogus yet numically palpable values. If someone should accidentally try to construct a coordinate frame from CA pointing toward CB reading from uninitialized variables, they wouldn't hit a divide-by-zero error that might occur if CA and C were both at the origin.

protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint ( Size  index)
protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::~ProteinBackboneBuildPoint ( )

Member Function Documentation

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::C_pos ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::C_pos ( Vector const &  setting)

References C_pos_.

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::CA_pos ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::CA_pos ( Vector const &  setting)

References CA_pos_.

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::H_pos ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::H_pos ( Vector const &  setting)

References H_pos_.

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::HA_pos ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::HA_pos ( Vector const &  setting)

References HA_pos_.

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::N_pos ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::N_pos ( Vector const &  setting)

References N_pos_.

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::O_pos ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::O_pos ( Vector const &  setting)

References O_pos_.

Real protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::phi ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::phi ( Real  setting)


References phi_.

Real protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::psi ( ) const
void protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::psi ( Real  setting)

References psi_.

Member Data Documentation

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::C_pos_

Referenced by C_pos().

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::CA_pos_

Referenced by CA_pos().

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::H_pos_

Referenced by H_pos().

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::HA_pos_

Referenced by HA_pos().

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::N_pos_

Referenced by N_pos().

Vector protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::O_pos_

Referenced by O_pos().

Real protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::phi_

Referenced by phi().

Real protocols::match::upstream::ProteinBackboneBuildPoint::psi_

Referenced by psi().

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