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core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge Class Reference

#include <ConstraintGraph.hh>

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Public Types

typedef graph::Edge parent
typedef graph::Edge Edge
- Public Types inherited from core::graph::Edge
typedef EdgeListIterator EdgeListIter

Public Member Functions

 ConstraintEdge (graph::Graph *owner, Size first_node_ind, Size second_node_ind)
 ConstraintEdge (graph::Graph *owner, ConstraintEdge const &example_edge)
virtual ~ConstraintEdge ()
virtual void copy_from (Edge const *source)
 copy-from for use in Graph::operator= and copy ctors More...
virtual Size count_static_memory () const
 how much memory is statically allocated by this edge More...
virtual Size count_dynamic_memory () const
 how much memory is dynamically allocated by this edge – must be recursively invoked by a derived class. More...
void rna_bond_geometry_energy (Energy)
void atom_pair_constraint_energy (Energy)
void coordinate_constraint_energy (Energy)
void angle_constraint_energy (Energy)
void dihedral_constraint_energy (Energy)
void backbone_stub_constraint_energy (Energy)
void res_type_linking_constraint_energy (Energy)
Energy rna_bond_geometry_energy () const
Energy atom_pair_constraint_energy () const
Energy coordinate_constraint_energy () const
Energy angle_constraint_energy () const
Energy dihedral_constraint_energy () const
Energy backbone_stub_constraint_energy () const
Energy res_type_linking_constraint_energy () const
void energy_computed (bool setting)
bool energy_computed () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::graph::Edge
virtual ~Edge ()
 destructor More...
 Edge (Graph *owner, platform::Size first_node_ind, platform::Size second_node_ind)
 Main edge constructor. This should only be invoked by create_new_edge, which itself is only called by add_edge. The ONLY way an edge should be added to a graph is through add_edge. NOTE: edges should be only be deleted by a call to the Graph's delete_edge method, and this method absolutely must be implemented by derived Graph classes. More...
platform::Size get_other_ind (platform::Size node_index) const
 returns the index of the one node given the index of the other. node_index must be one of the two nodes that this edge is incident upon. More...
Node const * get_other_node (platform::Size node_index) const
 returns a const pointer to one node given the index of the other. node_index must be one of the two nodes that this edge is incident upon. More...
Nodeget_other_node (platform::Size node_index)
 returns a non-const pointer to one node given the index of the other. node_index must be one of the two nodes that this edge is incident upon. More...
platform::Size get_first_node_ind () const
 returns the index of the lower node More...
platform::Size get_second_node_ind () const
 returns the index of the upper node More...
void set_pos_in_owners_list (EdgeListIter edge_iterator)
 called only by class Graph, this function gives the Edge the data it needs to later delete itself from its owner's edge list in constant time. More...
bool same_edge (platform::Size node1, platform::Size node2) const
 Is this the same edge as another edge (node1,node2)? Note: this graph does not work for multi-graphs. Edges must be unique. More...
bool is_loop () const
 Is this edge a loop? In Pseudographs, loop edges are incident twice on a single vertex. More...

Private Attributes

Energy rna_bond_geometry_energy_
Energy atom_pair_constraint_energy_
Energy coordinate_constraint_energy_
Energy angle_constraint_energy_
Energy dihedral_constraint_energy_
Energy backbone_stub_constraint_energy_
Energy res_type_linking_constraint_energy_
bool energy_computed_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from core::graph::Edge
platform::Size get_node_index (platform::Size index) const
 get the node index for one of the two nodes this edge is incident upon uses c-style index-from-0. More...
Node const * get_node (platform::Size index) const
 get a const * to one node that this edge is incident upon uses c-style index-from-0 for these two nodes More...
Nodeget_node (platform::Size index)
 get a non-const * to one node that this edge is incident upon uses c-style index-from-0 for these two nodes More...
Graph const * get_owner () const
 get a const * to the owning graph More...
Graphget_owner ()
 get a non-const * to the owning graph More...

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::ConstraintEdge ( graph::Graph owner,
Size  first_node_ind,
Size  second_node_ind 

Referenced by count_static_memory().

core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::ConstraintEdge ( graph::Graph owner,
ConstraintEdge const &  example_edge 
core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::~ConstraintEdge ( )

Member Function Documentation

void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::angle_constraint_energy ( Energy  setting)
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::angle_constraint_energy ( ) const
void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::atom_pair_constraint_energy ( Energy  setting)
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::atom_pair_constraint_energy ( ) const
void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::backbone_stub_constraint_energy ( Energy  setting)
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::backbone_stub_constraint_energy ( ) const
void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::coordinate_constraint_energy ( Energy  setting)
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::coordinate_constraint_energy ( ) const
void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::copy_from ( graph::Edge const *  source)

copy-from for use in Graph::operator= and copy ctors

derived classes should recursively call the copy_from method to ensure all parent class data is copied. It just so happens that this method does nothing, but that could change and the derived class should include a call to this function for that reason.

Reimplemented from core::graph::Edge.

References angle_constraint_energy_, atom_pair_constraint_energy_, backbone_stub_constraint_energy_, coordinate_constraint_energy_, dihedral_constraint_energy_, energy_computed_, res_type_linking_constraint_energy_, and rna_bond_geometry_energy_.

Size core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::count_dynamic_memory ( ) const

how much memory is dynamically allocated by this edge – must be recursively invoked by a derived class.

memory accounting scheme

This method should be called recursively by derived classes – that is, each class should recurse to its parent.

Reimplemented from core::graph::Edge.

References core::graph::Edge::count_dynamic_memory().

Size core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::count_static_memory ( ) const

how much memory is statically allocated by this edge

memory accouting scheme

This is called non-recursively on the most-derived class

Reimplemented from core::graph::Edge.

References ConstraintEdge().

void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::dihedral_constraint_energy ( Energy  setting)
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::dihedral_constraint_energy ( ) const
void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::energy_computed ( bool  setting)
bool core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::energy_computed ( ) const

References energy_computed_.

void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::res_type_linking_constraint_energy ( Energy  setting)
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::res_type_linking_constraint_energy ( ) const
void core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::rna_bond_geometry_energy ( Energy  setting)
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::rna_bond_geometry_energy ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::angle_constraint_energy_
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::atom_pair_constraint_energy_
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::backbone_stub_constraint_energy_
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::coordinate_constraint_energy_
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::dihedral_constraint_energy_
bool core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::energy_computed_

Referenced by copy_from(), and energy_computed().

Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::res_type_linking_constraint_energy_
Energy core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintEdge::rna_bond_geometry_energy_

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