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protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator Class Reference

#include <InterGroupNeighborsCalculator.hh>

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Public Types

typedef std::set< core::Sizeone_group
typedef std::pair< one_group,
typedef utility::vector1
< group_pair

Public Member Functions

 InterGroupNeighborsCalculator (group_set const &groups, core::Real dist_cutoff=basic::options::option[basic::options::OptionKeys::pose_metrics::inter_group_neighbors_cutoff])
 InterGroupNeighborsCalculator (InterGroupNeighborsCalculator const &calculator)
 ~InterGroupNeighborsCalculator ()
clone () const
group_set const & groups () const
 return groups More...
core::Real dist_cutoff () const
 return distance cutoff More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pose::metrics::StructureDependentCalculator
 StructureDependentCalculator ()
void notify_structure_change ()
void get (std::string const &key, basic::MetricValueBase &val, Pose const &this_pose)
std::string get (std::string const &key, Pose const &this_pose)
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pose::metrics::PoseMetricCalculator
 PoseMetricCalculator ()
virtual void notify_energy_change ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void lookup (std::string const &key, basic::MetricValueBase *valptr) const
virtual std::string print (std::string const &key) const
virtual void recompute (core::pose::Pose const &pose)

Private Attributes

group_set const groups_
 stores the input - whose neighbors are we finding? More...
core::Real const dist_cutoff_
 stores the input - how far away is a neighbor? More...
core::Size num_neighbors_
 the number of neighbors in the set neighbors_ More...
std::set< core::Sizeneighbors_
 the set of neighbors to return - union of interfaces between groups More...

Detailed Description

This is complicated, so pay attention. You define groups of residues within a protein (say, the N and C terminal domains). You then define which pairs of groups you are interested in. This calculator returns the union of the sets of residues at the interfaces between these domains/groups. Functionally it is intended for "interface design" at the non-chainbreak interface between domains of multidomain proteins. It contains a superset of the functionality of some of the other calculators (so I'll be obsoleting them, maybe?). The pose does NOT have to have been scored.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator ( group_set const &  groups,
core::Real  dist_cutoff = basic::options::option[basic::options::OptionKeys::pose_metrics::inter_group_neighbors_cutoff] 

Referenced by clone().

protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator ( InterGroupNeighborsCalculator const &  calculator)
protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::~InterGroupNeighborsCalculator ( )

Member Function Documentation

core::pose::metrics::PoseMetricCalculatorOP protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::clone ( ) const
core::Real protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::dist_cutoff ( ) const

return distance cutoff

References dist_cutoff_.

group_set const& protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::groups ( ) const

return groups

References groups_.

void protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::lookup ( std::string const &  key,
basic::MetricValueBase *  valptr 
) const
std::string protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::print ( std::string const &  key) const
void protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::recompute ( core::pose::Pose const &  pose)

Member Data Documentation

core::Real const protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::dist_cutoff_

stores the input - how far away is a neighbor?

Referenced by dist_cutoff(), lookup(), print(), and recompute().

group_set const protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::groups_

stores the input - whose neighbors are we finding?

Referenced by groups(), lookup(), print(), and recompute().

std::set< core::Size > protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::neighbors_

the set of neighbors to return - union of interfaces between groups

Referenced by lookup(), print(), and recompute().

core::Size protocols::toolbox::pose_metric_calculators::InterGroupNeighborsCalculator::num_neighbors_

the number of neighbors in the set neighbors_

Referenced by lookup(), print(), and recompute().

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