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core::scoring::hbonds::HBond Class Reference

#include <HBondSet.hh>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~HBond ()
 Automatically generated virtual destructor for class deriving directly from ReferenceCount. More...
 HBond (Size const dhatm, bool const dhatm_is_protein_backbone, bool const dres_is_protein, bool const dres_is_dna, bool const dhatm_is_backbone, Size const dres, Size const aatm, bool const aatm_is_protein_backbone, bool const ares_is_protein, bool const ares_is_dna, bool const aatm_is_backbone, Size const ares, HBEvalTuple const hbe_tuple, Real const energy_in, Real const weight_in, HBondDerivs const &derivs_in)
Size don_res () const
Size don_hatm () const
bool don_hatm_is_protein_backbone () const
 needed for silly allow logic More...
bool don_res_is_protein () const
bool don_res_is_dna () const
bool don_hatm_is_backbone () const
 needed for silly allow logic More...
Size acc_res () const
Size acc_atm () const
bool acc_atm_is_protein_backbone () const
 needed for silly allow logic More...
bool acc_res_is_protein () const
bool acc_res_is_dna () const
bool acc_atm_is_backbone () const
 needed for silly allow logic More...
Real energy () const
 NOTE: this is unweighted energy, see weight() for the weight. More...
Real weight () const
HBondDerivs const & derivs () const
HBEvalType eval_type () const
 The HBEval type encodes the evaluation type as a single enum value. More...
HBEvalTuple const & eval_tuple () const
 The HBEvalTuple is a tuple of enums for each dimension of the evaluation type. More...
bool atom_is_donorH (id::AtomID const &atom) const
bool atom_is_acceptor (id::AtomID const &atom) const
void show (std::ostream &out) const
 a bare bones description of the data contained in the hbond object More...
void show (pose::Pose const &pose, bool const print_header, std::ostream &out) const
 a prettier, more interpretable description of an hbond, including pdb identified residues and the geometric dimensions of the hydrogen bond. More...
void show (pose::Pose const &pose, bool const print_header=true) const
Real get_HAdist (pose::Pose const &pose) const
Real get_AHDangle (pose::Pose const &pose) const
Real get_BAHangle (pose::Pose const &pose) const
Real get_BAtorsion (pose::Pose const &pose) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool hbond_energy_comparer (HBondCOP a, HBondCOP b)

Private Attributes

Size don_hatm_
bool don_hatm_is_protein_backbone_
bool don_res_is_protein_
bool don_res_is_dna_
bool don_hatm_is_backbone_
Size don_res_
Size acc_atm_
bool acc_atm_is_protein_backbone_
bool acc_res_is_protein_
bool acc_res_is_dna_
bool acc_atm_is_backbone_
Size acc_res_
HBEvalTuple eval_tuple_
Real energy_
Real weight_
HBondDerivs derivs_


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const HBond &hbond)
bool operator== (HBond const &a, HBond const &b)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::~HBond ( )

Automatically generated virtual destructor for class deriving directly from ReferenceCount.

Auto-generated virtual destructor

core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::HBond ( Size const  dhatm,
bool const  dhatm_is_protein_backbone,
bool const  dres_is_protein,
bool const  dres_is_dna,
bool const  dhatm_is_backbone,
Size const  dres,
Size const  aatm,
bool const  aatm_is_protein_backbone,
bool const  ares_is_protein,
bool const  ares_is_dna,
bool const  aatm_is_backbone,
Size const  ares,
HBEvalTuple const  hbe_tuple,
Real const  energy_in,
Real const  weight_in,
HBondDerivs const &  derivs_in 

Member Function Documentation

Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_atm ( ) const
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_atm_is_backbone ( ) const

needed for silly allow logic

References acc_atm_is_backbone_.

bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_atm_is_protein_backbone ( ) const

needed for silly allow logic

References acc_atm_is_protein_backbone_.

Referenced by core::scoring::hbonds::HBondSet::allow_hbond().

Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_res ( ) const
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_res_is_dna ( ) const

References acc_res_is_dna_.

bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_res_is_protein ( ) const

References acc_res_is_protein_.

bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::atom_is_acceptor ( id::AtomID const &  atom) const
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::atom_is_donorH ( id::AtomID const &  atom) const
HBondDerivs const & core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::derivs ( ) const
Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_hatm ( ) const
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_hatm_is_backbone ( ) const

needed for silly allow logic

References don_hatm_is_backbone_.

bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_hatm_is_protein_backbone ( ) const

needed for silly allow logic

References don_hatm_is_protein_backbone_.

Referenced by core::scoring::hbonds::HBondSet::allow_hbond().

Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_res ( ) const
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_res_is_dna ( ) const

References don_res_is_dna_.

bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_res_is_protein ( ) const

References don_res_is_protein_.

Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::energy ( ) const
HBEvalTuple const & core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::eval_tuple ( ) const

The HBEvalTuple is a tuple of enums for each dimension of the evaluation type.

References eval_tuple_.

HBEvalType core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::eval_type ( ) const

The HBEval type encodes the evaluation type as a single enum value.

References eval_tuple_, and core::scoring::hbonds::HBEvalTuple::eval_type().

Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::get_AHDangle ( pose::Pose const &  pose) const
Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::get_BAHangle ( pose::Pose const &  pose) const
Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::get_BAtorsion ( pose::Pose const &  pose) const
Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::get_HAdist ( pose::Pose const &  pose) const
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::hbond_energy_comparer ( HBondCOP  a,
HBondCOP  b 
void core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::show ( std::ostream &  out) const
void core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::show ( pose::Pose const &  pose,
bool const  print_header,
std::ostream &  out 
) const
void core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::show ( pose::Pose const &  pose,
bool const  print_header = true 
) const

References show().

Referenced by show().

Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::weight ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const HBond hbond 
bool operator== ( HBond const &  a,
HBond const &  b 

Member Data Documentation

Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_atm_
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_atm_is_backbone_
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_atm_is_protein_backbone_
Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_res_
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_res_is_dna_
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::acc_res_is_protein_
HBondDerivs core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::derivs_

Referenced by derivs().

Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_hatm_

Referenced by atom_is_donorH(), don_hatm(), and show().

bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_hatm_is_backbone_
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_hatm_is_protein_backbone_
Size core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_res_
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_res_is_dna_
bool core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::don_res_is_protein_
Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::energy_
HBEvalTuple core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::eval_tuple_
Real core::scoring::hbonds::HBond::weight_

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