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core::pack::interaction_graph::FixedBBNode Class Reference

#include <FixedBBInteractionGraph.hh>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~FixedBBNode ()
 FixedBBNode (InteractionGraphBase *owner, int node_id, int num_states)
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::NodeBase
virtual ~NodeBase ()
 virtual destructor More...
 NodeBase (InteractionGraphBase *, int node_id, int num_states)
 Main constructor, no default constructor nor copy constructor. More...
int get_num_states () const
 returns the number of states for this node More...
std::list< EdgeBase * >::iterator add_edge (EdgeBase *edge_ptr)
 adds edge pointer to edge list; returns an iterator to the new list element More...
void drop_edge (std::list< EdgeBase * >::iterator edge_iterator)
 removes an edge iterator from the node's edge list More...
void drop_all_edges ()
 deletes all edges incident upon this node More...
EdgeBasefind_edge (int other_node_index) const
 a slow (linear) search for an edge. The edge is identified by the index of the node to which the edge connects this node. Returns NULL when there is no such connecting edge. More...
virtual void assign_zero_state ()=0
virtual void prepare_for_simulated_annealing ()=0
virtual void add_to_one_body_energies (ObjexxFCL::FArray1< core::PackerEnergy > &energy1b)=0
virtual void add_to_one_body_energy (int state, core::PackerEnergy energy)=0
virtual void update_one_body_energy (int state, core::PackerEnergy energy)=0
virtual void zero_one_body_energies ()=0
virtual void print () const =0
virtual bool state_unassigned () const =0
void depth_first_connected_component_counting ()
 performs a depth first traversal of the graph. Each node informs the graph that the traversal resulted in arriving at the node. More...
virtual unsigned int count_static_memory () const =0
virtual unsigned int count_dynamic_memory () const
 memory accounting scheme More...
std::list< EdgeBase * >
edge_list_begin ()
std::list< EdgeBase * >
edge_list_end ()
int get_node_index () const
int get_num_incident_edges () const
int get_num_edges_to_smaller_indexed_nodes () const
int get_num_edges_to_larger_indexed_nodes () const
EdgeBase const * get_incident_edge (int index) const
 These functions are public for the sake of writing good unit tests. More...
EdgeBaseget_incident_edge (int index)
int get_index_of_adjacent_node (int index) const
NodeBase const * get_adjacent_node (int index) const
NodeBaseget_adjacent_node (int index)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::NodeBase
void update_edge_vector ()
 converts edge-list to edge-vector representation More...
bool get_edge_vector_up_to_date () const
InteractionGraphBase const * get_owner () const
InteractionGraphBaseget_owner ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual core::pack::interaction_graph::FixedBBNode::~FixedBBNode ( )
core::pack::interaction_graph::FixedBBNode::FixedBBNode ( InteractionGraphBase owner,
int  node_id,
int  num_states 

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