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core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager Class Reference

singleton class for accessing fragment libraries More...

#include <FragmentLibraryManager.hh>

Public Member Functions

vall::VallLibrary const & get_Vall () const
 return instance of standard Vall library More...
void clear_Vall ()
 clear standard Vall library from memory More...

Static Public Member Functions

static FragmentLibraryManagerget_instance ()
 return singleton instance of manager More...

Private Member Functions

 FragmentLibraryManager ()
 default constructor More...

Static Private Member Functions

static FragmentLibraryManagercreate_singleton_instance ()
 private singleton creation function to be used with utility::thread::threadsafe_singleton More...

Private Attributes

 standard Vall library More...

Static Private Attributes

static FragmentLibraryManagerinstance_
 singleton instance More...

Detailed Description

singleton class for accessing fragment libraries

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager::FragmentLibraryManager ( )

default constructor

Referenced by create_singleton_instance().

Member Function Documentation

void core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager::clear_Vall ( )

clear standard Vall library from memory

References vall_.

FragmentLibraryManager * core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager::create_singleton_instance ( )

private singleton creation function to be used with utility::thread::threadsafe_singleton

References FragmentLibraryManager().

Referenced by get_instance().

FragmentLibraryManager * core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager::get_instance ( )
vall::VallLibrary const & core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager::get_Vall ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

FragmentLibraryManager * core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager::instance_

singleton instance

Referenced by get_instance().

vall::VallLibrary* core::fragment::picking_old::FragmentLibraryManager::vall_

standard Vall library

Referenced by clear_Vall(), and get_Vall().

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