Rosetta Core  2014.35
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core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent Struct Reference

signals a general change in a Pose More...

#include <GeneralEvent.hh>

Public Types

typedef core::pose::Pose Pose

Public Member Functions

 GeneralEvent ()
 default constructor More...
 GeneralEvent (Pose const *pose)
 constructor More...
 GeneralEvent (GeneralEvent const &rval)
 copy constructor More...
virtual ~GeneralEvent ()
 default destructor More...
GeneralEventoperator= (GeneralEvent const &rval)
 copy assignment More...
Pose const & getPose ()
 PyRosetta work around. More...

Public Attributes

Pose const * pose
 the Pose firing the signal More...

Detailed Description

signals a general change in a Pose

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent::GeneralEvent ( )

default constructor

core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent::GeneralEvent ( Pose const *  pose)


core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent::GeneralEvent ( GeneralEvent const &  rval)

copy constructor

virtual core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent::~GeneralEvent ( )

default destructor

Member Function Documentation

Pose const& core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent::getPose ( )

PyRosetta work around.

References pose.

GeneralEvent& core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent::operator= ( GeneralEvent const &  rval)

Member Data Documentation

Pose const* core::pose::signals::GeneralEvent::pose

the Pose firing the signal

Referenced by getPose(), and operator=().

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