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core::scoring::DipolarCoupling Class Reference

DipolarCouplings are mainly handled by this class. More...

#include <DipolarCoupling.hh>

Public Types

typedef core::Size Size
typedef utility::vector1
< core::scoring::DC

Public Member Functions

 DipolarCoupling (std::string const &filename="")
 standard c'stor – will access option -in:file:dc to read DC data More...
 DipolarCoupling (DipolarCoupling const &other)
DipolarCouplingoperator= (DipolarCoupling const &other)
 ~DipolarCoupling ()
basic::datacache::CacheableDataOP clone () const
core::Real compute_dcscore (core::pose::Pose &pose)
 compute dc score for given pose (non-constant due to membrane) More...
void show (std::ostream &) const
DC_lines const & get_DC_data () const
 get the raw DC data More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic::datacache::CacheableData
virtual ~CacheableData ()

Private Member Functions

void read_DC_file (std::string const &filename)
 read DC data from file More...
void read_DC_file ()

Private Attributes

DC_lines All_DC_lines_
 some internal buffers in More...

Detailed Description

DipolarCouplings are mainly handled by this class.

related classed: DC — a single line in an DC file - representing a single dc coupling DipolarCouplingEnergy – an energy method which triggers computations handled by this class.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::DipolarCoupling ( std::string const &  filename = "")

standard c'stor – will access option -in:file:dc to read DC data

References filename(), and read_DC_file().

Referenced by clone().

core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::DipolarCoupling ( DipolarCoupling const &  other)

References All_DC_lines_.

core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::~DipolarCoupling ( )

Member Function Documentation

basic::datacache::CacheableDataOP core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::clone ( ) const
Real core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::compute_dcscore ( core::pose::Pose pose)
DC_lines const& core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::get_DC_data ( ) const
DipolarCoupling & core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::operator= ( DipolarCoupling const &  other)

References All_DC_lines_.

void core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::read_DC_file ( std::string const &  filename)

read DC data from file

References All_DC_lines_, getline(), core::scoring::tr, and weight.

void core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::read_DC_file ( )
void core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::show ( std::ostream &  out) const

References All_DC_lines_.

Referenced by core::scoring::operator<<().

Member Data Documentation

DC_lines core::scoring::DipolarCoupling::All_DC_lines_

some internal buffers in

Referenced by compute_dcscore(), DipolarCoupling(), get_DC_data(), operator=(), read_DC_file(), and show().

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