Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::sic_dock::CBScore Class Reference

#include <RigidScore.hh>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CBScore ()
 CBScore (Pose const &pose1, Pose const &pose2, Real clash_dis, Real contact_dis)
 CBScore (Pose const &pose1, Pose const &pose2, Real clash_dis, Real contact_dis, core::id::AtomID_Map< core::Real > const &weights1, core::id::AtomID_Map< core::Real > const &weights2)
core::Real score (Xforms const &x1, Xforms const &x2) const
std::string type () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::sic_dock::RigidScore
virtual ~RigidScore ()
virtual void show (std::ostream &out, int width=10) const
virtual void show (std::ostream &out, Xforms const &x1, Xforms const &x2, int width=10) const

Public Attributes

bool const hash_pose1_
core::Real const clash_dis_
core::Real const contact_dis_
Reals const weights_
Vecs const points_
xyzStripeHashPoseWithMeta const xyzhash_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from protocols::sic_dock::RigidScore
typedef core::Real Real
typedef core::Size Size
typedef core::pose::Pose Pose
typedef numeric::xyzVector< RealVec
typedef numeric::xyzMatrix< RealMat
typedef utility::vector1< VecVecs
typedef utility::vector1< RealReals
typedef utility::vector1< SizeSizes
typedef numeric::Xforms Xforms
typedef utility::vector1
< RigidScoreCOP

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::~CBScore ( )
protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::CBScore ( Pose const &  pose1,
Pose const &  pose2,
Real  clash_dis,
Real  contact_dis 
protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::CBScore ( Pose const &  pose1,
Pose const &  pose2,
Real  clash_dis,
Real  contact_dis,
core::id::AtomID_Map< core::Real > const &  weights1,
core::id::AtomID_Map< core::Real > const &  weights2 

Member Function Documentation

core::Real protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::score ( Xforms const &  x1,
Xforms const &  x2 
) const
std::string protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::type ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

core::Real const protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::clash_dis_

Referenced by score().

core::Real const protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::contact_dis_

Referenced by score().

bool const protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::hash_pose1_

Referenced by score().

Vecs const protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::points_

Referenced by score().

Reals const protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::weights_

Referenced by score().

xyzStripeHashPoseWithMeta const protocols::sic_dock::CBScore::xyzhash_

Referenced by score().

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