Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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ProteinUpstreamBuilder.hh File Reference
#include <protocols/match/upstream/ProteinUpstreamBuilder.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/match/downstream/DownstreamAlgorithm.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/match/upstream/ProteinSCSampler.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/match/upstream/OriginalScaffoldBuildPoint.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/match/upstream/UpstreamBuilder.hh>
#include <core/chemical/ResidueType.fwd.hh>
#include <core/pack/task/RotamerSampleOptions.hh>
#include <core/pack/dunbrack/DunbrackRotamer.fwd.hh>
#include <core/types.hh>
#include <numeric/HomogeneousTransform.hh>
#include <numeric/xyzVector.hh>
#include <utility/pointer/ReferenceCount.hh>
#include <utility/vector1.hh>


class  protocols::match::upstream::SampleStrategyData
 This class holds all of the data associated with the logic for generating extra samples for a particular chi angle. There are tons of ways concievable to build extra rotamers; the data in this class is intended to group all of that data into one place. This class is not responsible for building extra rotamer samples; that responsibility is given to class FullChiSampleSet. More...
class  protocols::match::upstream::BuildSet
 A simple class that describes the geometry for a particular residue type. It describes the coordinate frame geometry for the fourth atom defining each chi dihedral. The fourth atom is called the "chi tip" atom, as it's at the tip of the growing kinematic chain when building chi i. This class also describes the location of the atoms controlled by each chi which are not the chi-tip atoms; it measures their location in the coordinate frame of the chi-tip atom. More...
class  protocols::match::upstream::FullChiSampleSet
class  protocols::match::upstream::ProteinUpstreamBuilder


 The instance of Loops contained by AbrelaxApplication should be replaced by a LoopsOP.

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