Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::frag_picker::BoundedCollector_CompareTotalScore Class Reference

#include <BoundedCollector.hh>

Public Member Functions

 BoundedCollector_CompareTotalScore (Size query_size, Size max_frags_per_pos, CompareTotalScore fragment_comparator, Size n_score_terms, Size buffer_factor=5)
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::frag_picker::BoundedCollector< CompareTotalScore >
 BoundedCollector (Size query_size, Size max_frags_per_pos, CompareTotalScorefragment_comparator, Size n_score_terms, Size buffer_factor=5)
 create a collector for a given size of a query sequence More...
bool add (ScoredCandidate new_canditate)
 Insert a fragment candidate to the container. More...
Size count_candidates (Size seq_pos) const
 Check how many candidates have been already collected for a given position APL Note: you cannot have inlined virtual functions. More...
Size count_candidates () const
 Check how many candidates have been already collected for all positions APL Note: you cannot have inlined virtual functions. More...
Size query_length () const
 Check the size of query sequence that this object knows. This is mainly to be able to check if it is the same as in the other parts of fragment picking machinery. More...
void insert (Size pos, CandidatesCollectorOP collector)
 Inserts candidates from another Collector for a give position in the query Candidates may or may not get inserted depending on the candidate. More...
ScoredCandidatesVector1get_candidates (Size position_in_query)
 returns all stored fragment candidates that begins at a given position in a query More...
void clear ()
 removes all candidates from the container More...
void print_report (std::ostream &out, scores::FragmentScoreManagerOP scoring) const
 prints how many candidates have been collected for each position and how good they are More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from protocols::frag_picker::BoundedCollector< CompareTotalScore >
< BoundedCollector
< CompareTotalScore > > 
< BoundedCollector
< CompareTotalScore > const > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::frag_picker::BoundedCollector_CompareTotalScore::BoundedCollector_CompareTotalScore ( Size  query_size,
Size  max_frags_per_pos,
CompareTotalScore  fragment_comparator,
Size  n_score_terms,
Size  buffer_factor = 5 

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