Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity Class Reference

scores a fragment by torsion bin similarity More...

#include <TorsionBinSimilarity.hh>

Public Member Functions

 TorsionBinSimilarity (Size priority, Real lowest_acceptable_value, bool use_lowest, utility::vector1< utility::vector1< core::Real > > query_bin_probs, Size sequence_length, Size longest_vall_chunk)
void do_caching (VallChunkOP)
void clean_up ()
virtual bool cached_score (FragmentCandidateOP, FragmentScoreMapOP)
 Computes the score. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::frag_picker::scores::CachingScoringMethod
 CachingScoringMethod (Size priority, Real lowest_acceptable_value, bool use_lowest, std::string name)
virtual bool score (FragmentCandidateOP fragment, FragmentScoreMapOP scores)
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::frag_picker::scores::FragmentScoringMethod
 FragmentScoringMethod (Size priority, Real lowest_acceptable_value, bool use_lowest, std::string name)
std::stringget_score_name ()
 Returns a name of this scoring method. More...
Size get_id ()
 Returns an integer index assigned to this scoring method by a scoring manager. More...
void set_id (Size id)
 Sets a new integer index for this scoring method. More...
Size get_priority ()
 Returns a priority of this scoring method. More...
Real get_min_allowed_score ()
 Returns the lowest acceptable score value for this scoring method. More...
bool get_use_lowest ()
 Returns the boolean choice on using the above lowest acceptable score value. More...
void set_min_allowed_score (Real lowest_acceptable_value)
 Sets a new value of the lowest acceptable score. More...

Protected Attributes

Matrix scores_
- Protected Attributes inherited from protocols::frag_picker::scores::FragmentScoringMethod
Size id_
Size priority_
std::string name_
Real lowest_acceptable_value_
bool use_lowest_

Private Member Functions

char torsion2big_bin_ (core::Real const phi, core::Real const psi, core::Real const omega) const
Size bin_index_ (char const bin_name) const

Private Attributes

std::string name_
Size query_len_
< utility::vector1< core::Real > > 
std::string cached_scores_id_

Detailed Description

scores a fragment by torsion bin similarity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::TorsionBinSimilarity ( Size  priority,
Real  lowest_acceptable_value,
bool  use_lowest,
utility::vector1< utility::vector1< core::Real > >  query_bin_probs,
Size  sequence_length,
Size  longest_vall_chunk 

References query_len_, and scores_.

Member Function Documentation

core::Size protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::bin_index_ ( char const  bin_name) const

References utility_exit_with_message.

Referenced by do_caching().

bool protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::cached_score ( FragmentCandidateOP  f,
FragmentScoreMapOP  empty_map 
void protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::clean_up ( )
void protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::do_caching ( VallChunkOP  chunk)
char protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::torsion2big_bin_ ( core::Real const  phi,
core::Real const  psi,
core::Real const  omega 
) const

Referenced by do_caching().

Member Data Documentation

std::string protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::cached_scores_id_

Referenced by cached_score(), and do_caching().

std::string protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::name_
utility::vector1< utility::vector1< core::Real > > protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::query_bin_probs_

Referenced by do_caching().

Size protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::query_len_

Referenced by do_caching(), and TorsionBinSimilarity().

Matrix protocols::frag_picker::scores::TorsionBinSimilarity::scores_

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