Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::motif_hash::XformScore Class Reference

#include <motif_hash_stuff.hh>

Public Types

typedef uint64_t Key
typedef double Count
typedef boost::unordered_map
< Key, Count, bin_index_hasher

Public Member Functions

 XformScore ()
void add_xform_count (Real6 const &xform)
void set_score (Key const &, Count const &count)
void add_score (Key const &, Count const &count)
Count score_of_bin (Real6 const &xform) const
Count score_of_bin (Key const &key) const
Real score_of_bin_normalized (Real6 const &xform) const
bool write_binary (std::ostream &out) const
bool write_binary (std::string const &fname) const
bool read_binary (std::istream &in, bool clearme=true)
bool read_binary (std::string const &fname, bool clearme=true)
bool read_binary (utility::vector1< std::string > const &fnames)
Size num_bins () const
Size num_samples () const
void print_scores (std::ostream &out, std::string const tag="XH ") const
void print_scores_norm (std::ostream &out, std::string const tag="XH ") const
void clear ()
Real cart_size () const
Key bin_index (Real6 const &rt) const
void print_quantiles (std::ostream &out, int num) const

Public Attributes

SixDCoordinateBinner hasher_
CountMap total_count_
double cart_size_
double cart_resl_
double angle_resl_
Size num_samples_


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, XformScore const &x)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef numeric:: geometry::hashing::SixDCoordinateBinner protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::SixDCoordinateBinner

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::XformScore ( )

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::add_score ( Key const &  key,
Count const &  count 

References score_of_bin(), and total_count_.

Referenced by read_binary().

void protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::add_xform_count ( Real6 const &  xform)
XformScore::Key protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::bin_index ( Real6 const &  rt) const
Real protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::cart_size ( ) const
void protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::clear ( )
Size protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::num_bins ( ) const
Size protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::num_samples ( ) const
void protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::print_quantiles ( std::ostream &  out,
int  num 
) const

References N, and total_count_.

Referenced by protocols::motif_hash::operator<<().

void protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::print_scores ( std::ostream &  out,
std::string const  tag = "XH " 
) const

References key, and total_count_.

void protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::print_scores_norm ( std::ostream &  out,
std::string const  tag = "XH " 
) const
bool protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::read_binary ( std::istream &  in,
bool  clearme = true 
bool protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::read_binary ( std::string const &  fname,
bool  clearme = true 
bool protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::read_binary ( utility::vector1< std::string > const &  fnames)
XformScore::Count protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::score_of_bin ( Real6 const &  xform) const

References bin_index(), key, and total_count_.

Referenced by add_score(), and score_of_bin_normalized().

XformScore::Count protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::score_of_bin ( Key const &  key) const

References total_count_.

Real protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::score_of_bin_normalized ( Real6 const &  xform) const
void protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::set_score ( Key const &  key,
Count const &  count 

References total_count_.

bool protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::write_binary ( std::ostream &  out) const
bool protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::write_binary ( std::string const &  fname) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
XformScore const &  x 

Member Data Documentation

double protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::angle_resl_
double protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::cart_resl_
double protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::cart_size_
SixDCoordinateBinner protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::hasher_
Size protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::num_samples_
CountMap protocols::motif_hash::XformScore::total_count_

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