Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts Class Reference

#include <WorkUnit.hh>

Public Member Functions

 WorkUnit_ElScripts ()
 WorkUnit_ElScripts (core::Size master, core::Size trajectory_idx, core::io::serialization::PipeMapSP p, protocols::moves::SerializableStateSP state, std::string name)
 ~WorkUnit_ElScripts ()
virtual void run ()
 Run the workunit. More...
core::io::serialization::PipeMapWP pipemap ()
protocols::moves::SerializableStateWP state ()
protocols::moves::SerializableStateCWP const_state ()
std::string name ()
void name (std::string name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::wum2::WorkUnit
 WorkUnit ()
 WorkUnit (core::Size master, core::Size trajectory_idx)
virtual ~WorkUnit ()
virtual void print (std::ostream &out, bool verbose=false) const
 Print WU details to the stream, single line by default. More...
void set_run_start ()
 Set the unixtime of the start of the execution of this WorkUnit. More...
void set_run_stop ()
 Set the unixtime of the stop of the execution of this WorkUnit. More...
core::Size get_run_time ()
 Returns the difference between unix start and stop times. More...
void id (int id)
int id ()
void master (int master)
int master ()
void trajectory_idx (int trajectory_idx)
int trajectory_idx ()
void prioritize (bool prioritize)
bool prioritize ()
void link_cache (protocols::moves::MoverCacheSP cache)

Protected Attributes

std::string name_
core::io::serialization::PipeMapSP pipemap_
protocols::moves::SerializableStateSP state_
- Protected Attributes inherited from protocols::wum2::WorkUnit
bool prioritize_
int id_
int master_
int trajectory_idx_
core::Size unixtime_creation_
 Important unixtimes. More...
core::Size unixtime_start_
core::Size unixtime_stop_
protocols::moves::MoverCacheSP cache_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::wum2::WorkUnit
void create_unique_id ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::WorkUnit_ElScripts ( )
protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::WorkUnit_ElScripts ( core::Size  master,
core::Size  trajectory_idx,
core::io::serialization::PipeMapSP  p,
protocols::moves::SerializableStateSP  state,
std::string  name 
protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::~WorkUnit_ElScripts ( )

Member Function Documentation

protocols::moves::SerializableStateCWP protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::const_state ( )

References state_.

std::string protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::name ( )

References name_.

void protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::name ( std::string  name)

References name(), and name_.

Referenced by name().

core::io::serialization::PipeMapWP protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::pipemap ( )

References pipemap_.

void protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::run ( )

Run the workunit.

Implements protocols::wum2::WorkUnit.

protocols::moves::SerializableStateWP protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::state ( )

References state_.

Member Data Documentation

std::string protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::name_

Referenced by name().

core::io::serialization::PipeMapSP protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::pipemap_

Referenced by pipemap().

protocols::moves::SerializableStateSP protocols::wum2::WorkUnit_ElScripts::state_

Referenced by const_state(), and state().

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