Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance Class Reference

#include <FloatingResonance.hh>

Public Types

typedef std::set< core::SizeFloatList
- Public Types inherited from protocols::noesy_assign::Resonance
typedef utility::vector1
< core::Size
typedef std::pair< core::Size,
typedef utility::vector1
< ResonancePair
typedef utility::vector1
< ResonanceAP

Public Member Functions

 FloatingResonance ()
 FloatingResonance (Resonance const &res, FloatList const &, ResonanceList *)
 ~FloatingResonance ()
virtual ResonanceOP clone ()
virtual core::Real pmatch (core::Real peakfreq, core::Real error, FoldResonance const &folder) const
virtual void write_to_stream (std::ostream &os) const
 output More...
virtual void write_to_stream (std::ostream &, core::chemical::AA aa) const
virtual core::Size ambiguity () const
virtual core::Size float_label (core::Size ifloat) const
virtual bool match2D (core::Real proton_freq, core::Real proton_error, FoldResonance const &proton_folder, core::Real label_freq, core::Real label_error, FoldResonance const &label_folder, ResonancePairs &matches) const
 match the proton and corresponding label atom at same time More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::noesy_assign::Resonance
 Resonance ()
 Resonance (core::Size label, core::Real freq, core::Real error, core::id::NamedAtomID const &id, core::chemical::AA, core::Real intensity=1.0)
 ~Resonance ()
core::Size label () const
 ResonanceID. More...
core::id::NamedAtomID const & atom () const
 Atom. More...
core::Size resid () const
std::string const & name () const
bool is_proton () const
core::Real freq () const
 resonance frequency (chemical shift) More...
core::Real error () const
core::Real tolerance () const
bool match (core::Real freq, core::Real error, FoldResonance const &folder) const
 Resonance matches the given cross-peaks frequency. More...
void add_connected_resonance (ResonanceAP ptr)
void clear_connected_resonances ()
bool has_connected_resonances () const
Resonance const & first_connected_resonance () const
ResonanceIDs const & connected_resonance_ids () const
ResonanceAPs const & connected_resonances () const
void combine (std::deque< ResonanceOP > &last_resonances, bool drain)
core::chemical::AA aa () const
core::Real intensity () const
 in ILV-labelled proteins, the both LV methyls are labelled randomly with 50% probability, whereas I delta methyls are labelled 100% More...
void set_intensity (core::Real setting)
CALIBRATION_ATOM_TYPE calibration_atom_type () const
 classification for calibration... e.g., Backbone, sidechain, etc.. More...
core::Real _pmatch (core::Real freq, core::Real error, FoldResonance const &folder) const

Private Types

typedef Resonance Parent

Private Member Functions

void _write_partner_ids (std::ostream &os) const
bool is_representative_resonance () const

Private Attributes

FloatList partner_ids_
ResonanceList const * res_list_
bool is_representative_resonance_

Detailed Description

FloatingResonance combines resonanceID (label), chemical shift (freq), tolerance (error), and the assigned atom (atom, name, resid) (provided accessor methods of "FloatingResonance": label, atom, resid, name, freq, error, tolerance, calibration_atom_type )

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::FloatingResonance ( )

Referenced by clone().

protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::FloatingResonance ( Resonance const &  res,
FloatList const &  partner,
ResonanceList reslist 
protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::~FloatingResonance ( )

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::_write_partner_ids ( std::ostream &  os) const

References partner_ids_.

Referenced by write_to_stream().

virtual core::Size protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::ambiguity ( ) const

Reimplemented from protocols::noesy_assign::Resonance.

References partner_ids_.

virtual ResonanceOP protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::clone ( )
core::Size protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::float_label ( core::Size  ifloat) const

Reimplemented from protocols::noesy_assign::Resonance.

References partner_ids_, and runtime_assert.

Referenced by match2D().

bool protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::is_representative_resonance ( ) const
bool protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::match2D ( core::Real  proton_freq,
core::Real  proton_error,
FoldResonance const &  proton_folder,
core::Real  label_freq,
core::Real  label_error,
FoldResonance const &  label_folder,
ResonancePairs matches 
) const
core::Real protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::pmatch ( core::Real  peakfreq,
core::Real  error,
FoldResonance const &  folder 
) const
void protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::write_to_stream ( std::ostream &  os) const
void protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::write_to_stream ( std::ostream &  os,
core::chemical::AA  aa 
) const

Member Data Documentation

bool protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::is_representative_resonance_
FloatList protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::partner_ids_
ResonanceList const* protocols::noesy_assign::FloatingResonance::res_list_

Referenced by match2D().

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