Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::loop_modeling::samplers Namespace Reference

Algorithms for generating new loop conformations. More...


class  LegacyKicSampler
 Apply the legacy KinematicMover. More...
class  LegacyKicSamplerCreator


typedef owning_ptr
< LegacyKicSampler
typedef owning_ptr
< LegacyKicSampler const > 

Detailed Description

Algorithms for generating new loop conformations.

The classes in this namespace are broadly supposed to be responsible for generating new loop conformations. This is in contrast to the classes in the refiners namespace, which are responsible for lowering the score of a new loop conformation. The primary loop sampling algorithms are backrub, kinematic closure (KIC), and cyclic-coordinate descent (CCD). These algorithms are all related by the fact that they generate new backbone conformations within a given window, and do not affect any DOFs outside that window. Backrub is distinguished from KIC and CCD by the fact that it does not allow any DOFs to be explicitly set. KIC is much faster than CCD, but does not yet support fragment insertion.

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