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protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob Class Reference

#include <MakeRotLibJob.hh>

Public Member Functions

 MakeRotLibJob (jd2::InnerJobOP inner_job, core::Size nstruct_index, core::Real omg, core::Real phi, core::Real psi, core::Real eps, MakeRotLibOptionsDataOP mrlod)
 ~MakeRotLibJob ()
core::Real get_omg () const
 acessors More...
core::Real get_phi () const
core::Real get_psi () const
core::Real get_eps () const
MakeRotLibOptionsDataOP get_options_data () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::jd2::Job
 Job (InnerJobOP inner_job, core::Size nstruct_index)
JobOP copy_without_output () const
 returns a copy of this object whose "output fields" are zeroed out. Used by the JobDistributor in cases where the job fails and must be retried to prevent accumulation of Job state after a failure. This implementation was chosen over a clear_all_output function to prevent mover A from deleting mover B's hard work! You probably should not be trying to call this function. The exception: If you want an intermediate-output pose (not the final pose) to not have the aggregated accessory data in the "real" Job object. More...
virtual ~Job ()
virtual void show (std::ostream &out) const
InnerJobCOP inner_job () const
 access to inner-job ... use is discouraged - use sparingly! — DO NOT use my_job->inner_job()->get_pose() INSTEAD use my_job->get_pose() More...
std::string const & input_tag () const
 return the input tag (a short string, generally) More...
InnerJobOP inner_job_nonconst ()
 nonconst access is intended only for the JobInputter to load poses into the InnerJob, and the Parser to add constraints, and the JobDistributor to delete completed inputs (recycle memory) More...
core::pose::PoseCOP get_pose () const
 get_pose : will return More...
void get_pose (core::pose::Pose &) const
 in-place copy of input pose More...
core::Size nstruct_index () const
core::Size nstruct_max () const
void add_string (std::string const &string_in)
 add an output string More...
void add_strings (Strings const &)
 add output strings More...
void add_string_string_pair (std::string const &string1, std::string const &string2)
 add a string/string pair More...
void add_string_real_pair (std::string const &string_in, core::Real const real_in)
 add a string/real pair More...
Strings::const_iterator output_strings_begin () const
Strings::const_iterator output_strings_end () const
StringStringPairs::const_iterator output_string_string_pairs_begin () const
StringStringPairs::const_iterator output_string_string_pairs_end () const
StringRealPairs::const_iterator output_string_real_pairs_begin () const
StringRealPairs::const_iterator output_string_real_pairs_end () const
Strings get_strings () const
StringStringPairs get_string_string_pairs () const
StringRealPairs get_string_real_pairs () const
void set_status_prefix (std::string prefix)
std::string const & status_prefix () const
bool completed () const
bool to_do () const
bool bad () const
void set_completed (bool value=true)
void set_bad (bool value=true)

Private Attributes

core::Real omg_
 backbone torsion angle values that are unique to this job More...
core::Real phi_
core::Real psi_
core::Real eps_
MakeRotLibOptionsDataOP mrlod_
 access to the options data info that are not unique to this job More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from protocols::jd2::Job
typedef std::list< std::stringStrings
 TODO these should be maps rather than lists. More...
typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef std::map< std::string,

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::MakeRotLibJob ( jd2::InnerJobOP  inner_job,
core::Size  nstruct_index,
core::Real  omg,
core::Real  phi,
core::Real  psi,
core::Real  eps,
MakeRotLibOptionsDataOP  mrlod 

References jd2.

protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::~MakeRotLibJob ( )

Member Function Documentation

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::get_eps ( ) const

References eps_.

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::get_omg ( ) const


References omg_.

MakeRotLibOptionsDataOP protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::get_options_data ( ) const

References mrlod_.

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::get_phi ( ) const

References phi_.

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::get_psi ( ) const

References psi_.

Member Data Documentation

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::eps_

Referenced by get_eps().

MakeRotLibOptionsDataOP protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::mrlod_

access to the options data info that are not unique to this job

Referenced by get_options_data().

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::omg_

backbone torsion angle values that are unique to this job

Referenced by get_omg().

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::phi_

Referenced by get_phi().

core::Real protocols::make_rot_lib::MakeRotLibJob::psi_

Referenced by get_psi().

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