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protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints Class Reference

extension of ClassicAbinitio Protocol to adapt the folding process for the presence of distance constraints More...

#include <FoldConstraints.hh>

Public Types

typedef ClassicAbinitio Parent
- Public Types inherited from protocols::abinitio::ClassicAbinitio
enum  StageID {
  STAGE_3b, STAGE_4, STAGE_4rot, STAGE_5
- Public Types inherited from protocols::abinitio::Protocol
typedef Mover BaseClass
- Public Types inherited from protocols::moves::Mover
typedef utility::tag::TagCOP TagCOP
typedef core::pose::Pose Pose
typedef core::pose::PoseCOP PoseCOP
typedef std::list< std::stringStrings

Public Member Functions

 FoldConstraints (simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_small, simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_large, simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP smooth_move_small, int dummy)
 c'stor from Movers More...
 FoldConstraints (core::fragment::FragSetCOP fragset3mer, core::fragment::FragSetCOP fragset9mer, core::kinematics::MoveMapCOP movemap)
 c'stor from FragSets — ClassicFragmentMover and SmoothFragmentMover will be created More...
 FoldConstraints (FoldConstraints const &src)
 Explicit copy constructor to handle OPs. More...
 ~FoldConstraints ()
 Explicit destructor to handle OPs. More...
virtual moves::MoverOP clone () const
 ... More...
virtual void apply (core::pose::Pose &pose)
 run the protocol More...
virtual std::string get_name () const
 Each derived class must specify its name. The class name. More...
void set_default_scores ()
 sets the usual scores ( score0,score1, score2/5 etc. ) and additionally atom_pair_constraints to 1.0 More...
void set_constraint_weight (core::Real setting)
virtual void set_default_options ()
void set_show_viol_level (core::Size setting)
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::abinitio::ClassicAbinitio
 ClassicAbinitio (simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_small, simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_large, simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP smooth_move_small, int)
 This constructor does not work – Fix it before using it. More...
 ClassicAbinitio (core::fragment::FragSetCOP fragset_small, core::fragment::FragSetCOP fragset_large, core::kinematics::MoveMapCOP movemap)
 constructor: supply fragsets for large and small fragment moves More...
 ClassicAbinitio (ClassicAbinitio const &src)
 Explicit copy constructor since this class contains OPs of other classes. More...
 ~ClassicAbinitio ()
 Explicit destructor since this class contains OPs of other classes. More...
virtual void init (core::pose::Pose const &pose)
 setup moves, mc-object, scores More...
simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP smooth_move_small ()
simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_small ()
simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_large ()
core::kinematics::MoveMapCOP movemap ()
void set_moves (simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_small, simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP brute_move_large, simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP smooth_move_small)
void set_mc (moves::MonteCarloOP)
moves::MonteCarlomc ()
moves::MonteCarlo const & mc () const
virtual void set_cycles (core::Real increase_cycles=1.0)
Size total_trials () const
virtual void set_score_weight (core::scoring::ScoreType, core::Real setting, StageID stage=ALL_STAGES)
 for debugging, one wants to have access to the native pose. More...
bool just_smooth_cycles () const
Size stage1_cycles () const
Size stage2_cycles () const
Size stage3_cycles () const
void set_stage4_cycles (Size stage4_cycles_new)
Size stage4_cycles () const
Size stage5_cycles () const
bool bQuickTest () const
void set_skip_stage1 (bool setting)
void set_skip_stage2 (bool setting)
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::abinitio::Protocol
 Protocol ()
 ~Protocol ()
void set_evaluation (evaluation::MetaPoseEvaluatorOP ev)
void add_evaluation (evaluation::PoseEvaluatorOP ev)
void evaluate_pose (core::pose::Pose &pose, std::string tag, core::io::silent::SilentStruct &pss) const
evaluation::MetaPoseEvaluatorOP evaluator ()
void set_kinematics (abinitio::KinematicControlOP kc)
abinitio::KinematicControl const & kinematics ()
virtual bool start_from_centroid () const
virtual bool return_centroid () const
virtual void return_centroid (bool setting)
void set_fullatom_scorefxn (core::scoring::ScoreFunctionOP sfxn)
void set_centroid_scorefxn (core::scoring::ScoreFunctionOP sfxn)
void set_silentout_file_name (std::string str)
core::scoring::ScoreFunctionOP fullatom_scorefxn ()
core::scoring::ScoreFunctionOP centroid_scorefxn ()
virtual checkpoint::CheckPointerget_checkpoints ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::moves::Mover
 Mover ()
virtual ~Mover ()
virtual MoverSP create ()
virtual void apply (core::io::serialization::PipeMap &pmap)
virtual void parse_state (SerializableState const &state)
virtual void parse_def (utility::lua::LuaObject const &def, utility::lua::LuaObject const &score_fxns, utility::lua::LuaObject const &tasks, MoverCacheSP cache)
virtual void save_state (SerializableState &state)
 Mover (std::string const &type_name)
 sets the type for a mover; name_ has been removed (2010/05/14) More...
 Mover (Mover const &other)
Moveroperator= (Mover const &other)
 assignment operator More...
virtual core::Real last_proposal_density_ratio ()
std::string const & type () const
void set_type (std::string const &setting)
std::string get_current_tag () const
 A tag is a unique identifier used to identify structures produced by this Mover. get_current_tag() returns the tag, and set_current_tag( std::string tag ) sets the tag. This functionality is not intended for use with the 2008 job distributor. More...
void set_current_tag (std::string const &new_tag)
virtual void set_input_pose (PoseCOP pose)
 setter for poses contained for rms More...
virtual void set_native_pose (PoseCOP pose)
 setter for native poses contained for rms -— we should get rid of this method? it is widely used, but a bit unsafe More...
PoseCOP get_input_pose () const
PoseCOP get_native_pose () const
virtual void test_move (Pose &pose)
 : Unit test support function. Apply one move to a given pose. Allows extra test specific functions to be called before applying More...
void type (const std::string &type_in)
virtual void parse_my_tag (TagCOP tag, basic::datacache::DataMap &data, Filters_map const &filters, Movers_map const &movers, Pose const &pose)
 Called by MoverFactory when constructing new Movers. Takes care of the specific mover's parsing. More...
std::string get_type () const
MoverStatus get_last_move_status () const
 end parser interface, start Job Distributor interface///////////// More...
void reset_status ()
 resets status to SUCCESS, meant to be used before an apply(). The job distributor (august 08 vintage) uses this to ensure non-accumulation of status across apply()s. More...
virtual core::pose::PoseOP get_additional_output ()
 Mechanism by which a mover may return multiple output poses from a single input pose. More...
virtual void clear_info ()
 Strings container can be used to return miscellaneous info (as std::string) from a mover, such as notes about the results of apply(). The job distributor (Apr 09 vintage) will check this function to see if your protocol wants to add string info to the Job that ran this mover. One way this can be useful is that later, a JobOutputter may include/append this info to an output file. More...
virtual Stringsinfo ()
 non-const accessor More...
virtual Strings const & info () const
 const accessor More...
virtual bool reinitialize_for_each_job () const
 Inform the Job Distributor (August '08 vintage) whether this object needs to be freshly regenerated on each use. More...
virtual bool reinitialize_for_new_input () const
 Inform the Job Distributor (August '08 vintage) whether this object needs to be regenerated when the input pose is about to change, (for example, if the Mover has special code on the first apply() that is only valid for that one input pose). More...
virtual MoverOP fresh_instance () const
 Generates a new Mover object freshly created with the default ctor. More...
void set_current_job (protocols::jobdist::BasicJobCOP job)
jobdist::BasicJobCOP get_current_job () const
virtual void show (std::ostream &output=std::cout) const
 Outputs details about the Mover, including current settings. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void register_options ()
 Why is this not being registered ? Probably not actually needed. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::abinitio::ClassicAbinitio
static void register_options ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::abinitio::Protocol
static void register_options ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::moves::Mover
static std::string name ()
static void register_options ()
 Overload this static method if you access options within the mover. More...

Protected Member Functions

bool prepare_stage1 (core::pose::Pose &pose)
bool prepare_stage2 (core::pose::Pose &pose)
bool prepare_stage4 (core::pose::Pose &pose)
bool prepare_loop_in_stage3 (core::pose::Pose &pose, Size loop_iteration, Size total_iterations)
bool prepare_loop_in_stage4 (core::pose::Pose &pose, Size loop_iteration, Size total_iterations)
bool do_stage1_cycles (core::pose::Pose &pose)
bool do_stage2_cycles (core::pose::Pose &pose)
virtual void setup_default_min_move ()
virtual void set_movemap (core::kinematics::MoveMapCOP mm)
void set_min_move (protocols::simple_moves::MinMoverOP mm)
protocols::simple_moves::MinMovermin_move ()
void min_trial (core::pose::Pose &pose)
virtual void set_max_seq_sep (core::pose::Pose &pose, Size setting)
core::Real max_seq_sep_fudge () const
void max_seq_sep_fudge (core::Real setting)
const & 
constraints ()
void bIgnoreSequenceSeparation (bool setting)
bool bIgnoreSequenceSeparation ()
Size total_res (core::pose::Pose const &pose) const
void set_seq_sep_stage1 (core::Real setting)
void set_seq_sep_stage3 (core::Real setting)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::abinitio::ClassicAbinitio
virtual void update_moves ()
virtual void set_defaults (core::pose::Pose const &pose)
virtual void set_default_mc (core::pose::Pose const &pose, core::scoring::ScoreFunction const &scorefxn)
const & 
current_scorefxn () const
void current_scorefxn (core::scoring::ScoreFunction const &scorefxn)
void recover_low (core::pose::Pose &pose, StageID stage)
virtual void replace_scorefxn (core::pose::Pose &pose, StageID stage, core::Real intra_stage_progress)
void set_current_weight (core::scoring::ScoreType type, core::Real setting)
virtual bool do_stage3_cycles (core::pose::Pose &pose)
virtual bool do_stage4_cycles (core::pose::Pose &pose)
virtual bool do_stage5_cycles (core::pose::Pose &pose)
virtual moves::TrialMoverOP stage1_mover (core::pose::Pose &pose, moves::TrialMoverOP trials_in)
virtual moves::TrialMoverOP stage2_mover (core::pose::Pose &pose, moves::TrialMoverOP trials_in)
virtual moves::TrialMoverOP stage3_mover (core::pose::Pose &pose, int lct1, int lct2, moves::TrialMoverOP trials_in)
virtual moves::TrialMoverOP stage4_mover (core::pose::Pose &pose, int kk, moves::TrialMoverOP trials_in)
virtual moves::TrialMoverOP stage4rot_mover (core::pose::Pose &pose, int kk, moves::TrialMoverOP trials_in)
virtual moves::TrialMoverOP stage5_mover (core::pose::Pose &pose, moves::TrialMoverOP trials_in)
virtual void set_trials ()
moves::TrialMoverOP trial_large ()
moves::TrialMoverOP trial_small ()
moves::TrialMoverOP trial_smooth ()
virtual bool prepare_stage3 (core::pose::Pose &pose)
virtual bool prepare_stage5 (core::pose::Pose &pose)
void output_debug_structure (core::pose::Pose &pose, std::string prefix)
moves::MonteCarloOP mc_ptr ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::moves::Mover
void set_last_move_status (MoverStatus status)
 nonvirtual setter for MoverStatus last_status_. Protected means that only the mover itself will be able to change its own status. The job distributor (august 08 vintage) is aware of status set with this function and will do what the MoverStatus says. More...

Private Member Functions

core::Real evaluate_constraint_energy (core::pose::Pose &pose, core::scoring::ScoreFunction const &) const

Private Attributes

protocols::simple_moves::MinMoverOP min_move_
constraints_additional::MaxSeqSepConstraintSetOP constraints_
core::Real constraint_weight_
bool bMinTrial_
bool bIgnoreSequenceSeparation_
Size run_
core::Real max_seq_sep_fudge_
core::Real seq_sep_stage1_
core::Real seq_sep_stage3_
core::Real seq_sep_stage4_
core::Real start_ramp_cstweight_
core::Size ramp_cst_cycles_
core::Size ramp_iterations_
bool bSkipOnNoViolation_
Size show_viol_level_
Size constraint_threshold_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from protocols::abinitio::ClassicAbinitio
bool bSkipStage1_
bool bSkipStage2_
bool bSkipStage3_
bool bSkipStage4_
bool bSkipStage5_
utility::vector1< StageIDrecover_low_stages_
- Protected Attributes inherited from protocols::abinitio::ClassicAbinitio
Size stage1_cycles_
Size stage2_cycles_
Size stage3_cycles_
Size stage4_cycles_
Size stage5_cycles_
core::Real stage4_cycles_pack_rate_

Detailed Description

extension of ClassicAbinitio Protocol to adapt the folding process for the presence of distance constraints

Main Function: switch distance constraints based on distance in the FoldTree ( i.e., in sequence for simple FoldTrees ) This is achieved by replacing the pose's ConstraintSet with the special purpose class MaxSeqSepConstraintSet the latter class will only score constraints that are sufficiently close in FoldTree/Sequence ( as controlled by the threshold with set_max_seq_sep() ) the protocol ranks up the max_seq_sep parameter while folding proceeds through the stages. to this extend it overloads methods prepare_stageX() do_stage1_cycles()

the other substantial difference to ClassicAbinitio is that minimizations are carried out. method min_trial() is called each time the max_seq_sep is changed. ( inhibit: -no_minimize )

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::FoldConstraints ( simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP  brute_move_small,
simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP  brute_move_large,
simple_moves::FragmentMoverOP  smooth_move_small,
int  dummy 

c'stor from Movers

References set_default_options(), and protocols::moves::Mover::type().

Referenced by clone().

protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::FoldConstraints ( core::fragment::FragSetCOP  fragset3mer,
core::fragment::FragSetCOP  fragset9mer,
core::kinematics::MoveMapCOP  movemap 

c'stor from FragSets — ClassicFragmentMover and SmoothFragmentMover will be created

References set_default_options(), and protocols::moves::Mover::type().

protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::FoldConstraints ( FoldConstraints const &  src)
protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::~FoldConstraints ( )

Explicit destructor to handle OPs.

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::apply ( core::pose::Pose pose)
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::bIgnoreSequenceSeparation ( bool  setting)
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::bIgnoreSequenceSeparation ( )

References bIgnoreSequenceSeparation_.

Referenced by apply(), and set_max_seq_sep().

moves::MoverOP protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::clone ( ) const
constraints_additional::MaxSeqSepConstraintSet const& protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::constraints ( )
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::do_stage1_cycles ( core::pose::Pose pose)
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::do_stage2_cycles ( core::pose::Pose pose)
core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::evaluate_constraint_energy ( core::pose::Pose pose,
core::scoring::ScoreFunction const &  scfxn 
) const
std::string protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::get_name ( ) const

Each derived class must specify its name. The class name.

Reimplemented from protocols::abinitio::ClassicAbinitio.

Reimplemented in protocols::abinitio::JumpingFoldConstraintsWrapper, and protocols::abinitio::KinematicAbinitio.

core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::max_seq_sep_fudge ( ) const
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::max_seq_sep_fudge ( core::Real  setting)

References max_seq_sep_fudge_.

protocols::simple_moves::MinMover& protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::min_move ( )

References min_move_.

void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::min_trial ( core::pose::Pose pose)
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::prepare_loop_in_stage3 ( core::pose::Pose pose,
Size  loop_iteration,
Size  total_iterations 
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::prepare_loop_in_stage4 ( core::pose::Pose pose,
Size  loop_iteration,
Size  total_iterations 
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::prepare_stage1 ( core::pose::Pose pose)
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::prepare_stage2 ( core::pose::Pose pose)
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::prepare_stage4 ( core::pose::Pose pose)
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::register_options ( )
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_constraint_weight ( core::Real  setting)
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_default_options ( )
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_default_scores ( )
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_max_seq_sep ( core::pose::Pose pose,
Size  setting 
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_min_move ( protocols::simple_moves::MinMoverOP  mm)

References min_move_.

void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_movemap ( core::kinematics::MoveMapCOP  mm)
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_seq_sep_stage1 ( core::Real  setting)
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_seq_sep_stage3 ( core::Real  setting)
void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::set_show_viol_level ( core::Size  setting)

References show_viol_level_.

void protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::setup_default_min_move ( )
Size protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::total_res ( core::pose::Pose const &  pose) const

Member Data Documentation

bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::bIgnoreSequenceSeparation_
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::bMinTrial_
bool protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::bSkipOnNoViolation_
Size protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::constraint_threshold_
core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::constraint_weight_
constraints_additional::MaxSeqSepConstraintSetOP protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::constraints_
core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::max_seq_sep_fudge_
protocols::simple_moves::MinMoverOP protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::min_move_
core::Size protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::ramp_cst_cycles_
core::Size protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::ramp_iterations_
Size protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::run_

Referenced by apply(), and FoldConstraints().

core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::seq_sep_stage1_
core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::seq_sep_stage3_
core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::seq_sep_stage4_
Size protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::show_viol_level_
core::Real protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints::start_ramp_cstweight_

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