Rosetta Protocols  2014.35
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protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList Class Reference

#include <ResonanceList.hh>

Public Types

typedef utility::vector1
< ResonanceOP
 iterators More...

Public Member Functions

 ResonanceList (std::string const &sequence)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~ResonanceList ()
void read_from_stream (std::istream &)
 read chemical shift assignments More...
void write_to_stream (std::ostream &) const
 write chemical shift assignments More...
void write_talos_format (std::ostream &, bool backbone_only) const
 write in talos format More...
Resonance const & operator[] (core::Size key) const
 retrieve a Resonance by ResonanceID — throws EXCN_UnknonwResonance if atom not found More...
Resonance const & operator[] (core::id::NamedAtomID const &) const
 retrive a Resonance by atom — throws EXCN_UnknonwResonance if atom not found More...
Resonances const & resonances_at_residue (core::Size resid) const
 all resonances of a certain residue More...
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
bool has_residue (core::Size resi) const
 have at least one resonance for residue "resi" More...
core::chemical::AA aa_from_resid (core::Size resi) const
 retrieve aminoacid of residue "resi" More...
std::string const & sequence () const
 retrieve the protein sequence More...
core::Size size () const
 number of Resonances More...
core::Size start_key () const
 first ResonanceID (given by input file) More...
core::Size last_key () const
 last ResonanceID ( given by input file ) More...

Protected Member Functions

Resonance const & operator[] (core::Size key)
 retrieve a Resonance by ResonanceID — no error checking More...
void update_residue_map ()
 sort Resonances by residue number and store in by_resid_ More...
void update_bond_connections ()
 after this call the Proton- and LabelResonances have APs to point to their respectively connected resonance More...

Private Types

typedef std::map< core::Size,
typedef std::map< core::Size,

Private Member Functions

 ResonanceList (ResonanceList const &a)
ResonanceListoperator= (ResonanceList const &)

Private Attributes

ResonanceIDs map_
 master map... More...
ResidueMap by_resid_
 slave map... created by update_residue_map() More...
std::string sequence_
 sequence of the proteion More...

Detailed Description

: the ResonanceList provides a map of chemical shifts. each atom-chemical shift tupel has a "resonanceID" as a key. (integer)

used classes:

Resonance is an atom with chemical shift information ResonanceIDs (typedef) is a map from ID to Resonance ResidueMap (typedef) is a map from residue number to a vector of Resonances.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::ResonanceList ( ResonanceList const &  a)
protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::ResonanceList ( std::string const &  sequence)


protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::~ResonanceList ( )

Member Function Documentation

core::chemical::AA protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::aa_from_resid ( core::Size  resi) const
const_iterator protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::begin ( ) const
const_iterator protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::end ( ) const
bool protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::has_residue ( core::Size  resi) const

have at least one resonance for residue "resi"

References by_resid_.

core::Size protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::last_key ( ) const

last ResonanceID ( given by input file )

References map_.

ResonanceList& protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::operator= ( ResonanceList const &  )
Resonance const & protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::operator[] ( core::Size  key) const

retrieve a Resonance by ResonanceID — throws EXCN_UnknonwResonance if atom not found

retrieve Resonance — throws EXCN_UnknonwResonance if atom not found

References map_.

Resonance const & protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::operator[] ( core::id::NamedAtomID const &  atom) const

retrive a Resonance by atom — throws EXCN_UnknonwResonance if atom not found

retrieve Resonance — throws EXCN_UnknonwResonance if atom not found

References by_resid_, map_, and core::id::NamedAtomID::rsd().

Resonance const& protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::operator[] ( core::Size  key)

retrieve a Resonance by ResonanceID — no error checking

References map_.

void protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::read_from_stream ( std::istream &  is)
ResonanceList::Resonances const & protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::resonances_at_residue ( core::Size  resid) const

all resonances of a certain residue

retrieve list of Resonance at certain residue — throws EXCN_UnknonwResonance if residue number not found

— requires that update_residue_map() has been called (which is done by read_from_stream() )

References by_resid_.

std::string const& protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::sequence ( ) const

retrieve the protein sequence

References sequence_.

core::Size protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::size ( ) const

number of Resonances

References map_.

core::Size protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::start_key ( ) const

first ResonanceID (given by input file)

References map_.

void protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::update_bond_connections ( )
void protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::update_residue_map ( )

sort Resonances by residue number and store in by_resid_

create map with all resonances sorted by residue number

References by_resid_, map_, and runtime_assert.

Referenced by read_from_stream().

void protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::write_talos_format ( std::ostream &  os,
bool  backbone_only 
) const
void protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::write_to_stream ( std::ostream &  os) const

write chemical shift assignments

write ResonanceList to stream

References aa_from_resid(), map_, runtime_assert, and sequence_.

Member Data Documentation

ResidueMap protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::by_resid_
ResonanceIDs protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::map_
std::string protocols::noesy_assign::ResonanceList::sequence_

sequence of the proteion

Referenced by aa_from_resid(), read_from_stream(), sequence(), write_talos_format(), and write_to_stream().

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