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basic::MemTracer Class Reference

#include <MemTracer.hh>

Public Member Functions

 MemTracer (TracerPriority priority=t_info, bool muted_by_default=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic::Tracer
 Tracer (std::string const &channel="", TracerPriority priority=t_info, bool muted_by_default=false)
 Create Tracer object with given channel and priority. More...
virtual ~Tracer ()
void init (Tracer const &tr)
 re-init using data from another tracer object. More...
void flush_all_channels ()
 flush tracer buffer and flush buffers of all sub-channels ie: Fatal, Error, Warning, Info, Debug, Trace More...
bool visible () const
 Is this tracer currently visible?. More...
bool visible (int priority) const
 is this tracer visible, if it used the given priority value? More...
int priority ()
 get/set tracer priority level. More...
Traceroperator() (int priority)
void priority (int priority)
std::string const & channel ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic::basic_otstream< CharT, Traits >
 basic_otstream ()
virtual ~basic_otstream ()
bool is_flushed () const
 Return true if inner string buffer is empty. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from utility::pointer::ReferenceCount
void ctor ()
virtual ~ReferenceCount ()
 Destructor. More...
Size ref_count () const
 Reference count. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void t_flush (std::string const &)
 overload member function. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from utility::pointer::ReferenceCount
 ReferenceCount ()
 Default constructor. More...
 ReferenceCount (ReferenceCount const &)
 Copy constructor. More...
ReferenceCountoperator= (ReferenceCount const &)
 Copy assignment. More...

Private Types

typedef Tracer Parent

Static Private Attributes

static bool single_line_ = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from basic::Tracer
typedef std::ostream * OstreamPointer
- Public Types inherited from utility::pointer::ReferenceCount
typedef platform::Size Size
typedef platform::Size size_type
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from basic::Tracer
static OstreamPointerfinal_stream ()
 set ios hook for final tracer stream (deafult is std::cout). More...
static void set_new_final_stream (std::ostream *new_final_stream)
static void set_default_final_stream ()
static void set_ios_hook (otstreamOP tr, std::string const &monitoring_channels_list, bool raw=true)
 set ios hook for all tracer io operation. More...
static std::string const & get_all_channels_string ()
static TracerOptionstracer_options ()
 get/set tracer options - global options for Tracer IO. More...
static bool super_mute ()
 global super mute flag that allow to mute all io no matter what. More...
static void super_mute (bool f)
static void flush_all_tracers ()
- Public Attributes inherited from basic::Tracer
TracerProxy Fatal
 channels with predefined priority levels. More...
TracerProxy Error
TracerProxy Warning
TracerProxy Info
TracerProxy Debug
TracerProxy Trace
- Static Public Attributes inherited from basic::Tracer
static CSI_Sequence Reset
 pre-created objects to hold various ASCII CSI codes, treat them as almost-const's Codes below is all Hogwarts-approved magic numbers, so do not modify them. For reference see: More...
static CSI_Sequence Bold
static CSI_Sequence Underline
static CSI_Sequence Black
static CSI_Sequence Red
static CSI_Sequence Green
static CSI_Sequence Yellow
static CSI_Sequence Blue
static CSI_Sequence Magenta
static CSI_Sequence Cyan
static CSI_Sequence White
static CSI_Sequence bgBlack
static CSI_Sequence bgRed
static CSI_Sequence bgGreen
static CSI_Sequence bgYellow
static CSI_Sequence bgBlue
static CSI_Sequence bgMagenta
static CSI_Sequence bgCyan
static CSI_Sequence bgWhite

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

basic::MemTracer::MemTracer ( TracerPriority  priority = t_info,
bool  muted_by_default = true 

Member Function Documentation

void basic::MemTracer::t_flush ( std::string const &  str)

overload member function.

Reimplemented from basic::Tracer.

References basic::get_usage_from_procfilesystem(), basic::Tracer::t_flush(), and basic::Tracer::visible().

Member Data Documentation

bool basic::MemTracer::single_line_ = false

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