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numeric::Xforms Struct Reference

#include <xyzTransform.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Xforms ()
 Xforms (xyzTransform< numeric::Real > x)
 Xforms (Size const &N, xyzTransform< numeric::Real > x=xyzTransform< numeric::Real >())
- Public Member Functions inherited from utility::vector1< xyzTransform< numeric::Real > >
 vector1 (allocator_type const &alloc=allocator_type())
 Default constructor. More...
 vector1 (vector1 const &v)
 Copy constructor. More...
 vector1 (vectorL< L_, T_, A_ > const &v)
 Assignable copy constructor. More...
 vector1 (super const &v)
 std::vector constructor More...
 vector1 (std::vector< T_, A_ > const &v)
 Assignable std::vector constructor. More...
 vector1 (size_type const num)
 Size constructor. More...
 vector1 (size_type const num, value_type const &value, allocator_type const &alloc=allocator_type())
 Uniform value constructor. More...
 vector1 (InputIterator const beg, InputIterator const end, allocator_type const &alloc=allocator_type())
 Iterator range constructor. More...
virtual ~vector1 ()
 Destructor. More...
vector1operator= (vector1 const &v)
 Copy assignment. More...
vector1operator= (vectorL< L_, T_, A_ > const &v)
 Assignable copy assignment. More...
vector1operator= (super const &v)
 std::vector assignment More...
vector1operator= (std::vector< T_, A_ > const &v)
 Assignable std::vector assignment. More...
int index (xyzTransform< numeric::Real >const t) const
 Find the index of an element. If not found then return 0;. More...
bool has_value (xyzTransform< numeric::Real >const t) const
 useful function – was commented out previously due, I think, to a conflict with has() in OptionKeys! Now renamed to has_value(). More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from utility::vector1< xyzTransform< numeric::Real > >
typedef super::value_type value_type
typedef super::reference reference
typedef super::const_reference const_reference
typedef super::pointer pointer
typedef super::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef super::iterator iterator
typedef super::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef super::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef super::size_type size_type
typedef super::difference_type difference_type
typedef super::allocator_type allocator_type
typedef super::index_type index_type
typedef super::ssize_type ssize_type
typedef super::Value Value
typedef super::Reference Reference
typedef super::ConstReference ConstReference
typedef super::Pointer Pointer
typedef super::ConstPointer ConstPointer
typedef super::Iterator Iterator
typedef super::ConstIterator ConstIterator
typedef super::ReverseIterator ReverseIterator
typedef super::ConstReverseIterator ConstReverseIterator
typedef super::Size Size
typedef super::Difference Difference
typedef super::Allocator Allocator
typedef super::Index Index
typedef super::SSize SSize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

numeric::Xforms::Xforms ( )
numeric::Xforms::Xforms ( xyzTransform< numeric::Real x)
numeric::Xforms::Xforms ( Size const &  N,
xyzTransform< numeric::Real x = xyzTransform<numeric::Real>() 

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