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random.functions.hh File Reference

xyzVector and xyzMatrix functions More...

#include <numeric/random/random.hh>
#include <numeric/xyz.functions.hh>


 Unit headers.


template<typename T >
xyzVector< T > numeric::random::random_point_on_unit_sphere (RandomGenerator &RG)
template<typename T >
numeric::random::random_rotation_angle (T rot_mag, RandomGenerator &RG)
 gamma-distribution-like random angle generation, rot_mag makes exactly the same sense as in gaussian_move More...
template<typename T >
xyzVector< T > numeric::random::random_translation (T trans_mag, RandomGenerator &RG)
 produce a random translation in xyz space More...
template<typename T >
platform::Size numeric::random::binary_search_cdf (utility::vector1< T > const &cdf, T urn)
 Return the index in the CDF array such that it is smaller than or equal to the uniform-random-number (urn) and that the next entry in the array is larger than urn. The CDF ought to represent the exclusive cumulative sum of the probabilities of some discrete set so that the width for entry i – the gap between entry i and entry i+1 should be the probability of entry i. More...
template<typename T >
platform::Size numeric::random::pick_random_index_from_cdf (utility::vector1< T > const &cdf, RandomGenerator &RG)
 Choose an element from an array of positions representing the cumulative distribution function for some target distribution. This uses binary search to quickly find the target index. If any position has the same probability as the preceeding position, then its index won't be returned. More...

Detailed Description

xyzVector and xyzMatrix functions

Justin R. Porter