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basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion Class Reference

#include <QuaternionGrid.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Quaternion (numeric::Real ww=1, numeric::Real xx=0, numeric::Real yy=0, numeric::Real zz=0)
void Normalize ()
void Canonicalize ()
Quaternion Times (const Quaternion &q) const
void Print (std::ostream &s) const
numeric::xyzVector< numeric::Realeuler () const
void PrintEuler (std::ostream &s) const
numeric::xyzMatrix< numeric::Realrotation_matrix () const

Public Attributes

numeric::Real w
numeric::Real x
numeric::Real y
numeric::Real z

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::Quaternion ( numeric::Real  ww = 1,
numeric::Real  xx = 0,
numeric::Real  yy = 0,
numeric::Real  zz = 0 

Referenced by Times().

Member Function Documentation

void basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::Canonicalize ( )

References Normalize(), w, x, y, and z.

Referenced by basic::sampling::orientations::QuatSet::Add().

numeric::xyzVector< numeric::Real > basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::euler ( ) const
void basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::Normalize ( )
void basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::Print ( std::ostream &  s) const
void basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::PrintEuler ( std::ostream &  s) const
numeric::xyzMatrix< numeric::Real > basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::rotation_matrix ( ) const
Quaternion basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::Times ( const Quaternion q) const

Member Data Documentation

numeric::Real basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::w

Referenced by Canonicalize(), euler(), and Times().

numeric::Real basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::x

Referenced by Canonicalize(), euler(), and Times().

numeric::Real basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::y

Referenced by Canonicalize(), euler(), and Times().

numeric::Real basic::sampling::orientations::Quaternion::z

Referenced by Canonicalize(), euler(), and Times().

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