Rosetta Utilities  2014.35
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mpistream.hh File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <sstream>
#include <ios>
#include <utility/io/mpistream.ipp>


class  utility::io::mpi_stream::basic_mpi_streambuf< Elem, Tr, ElemA, ByteT, ByteAT >
 A stream decorator that takes raw input and zips it to a ostream. More...
class  utility::io::mpi_stream::basic_mpi_ostreambase< Elem, Tr, ElemA, ByteT, ByteAT >
 Base class for mpi ostreams. More...
class  utility::io::mpi_stream::basic_mpi_ostream< Elem, Tr, ElemA, ByteT, ByteAT >
 A mpiper ostream. More...


 unresizable vector whose size is known at compile time, which may be allocated on the stack, and which indexes from 1.


typedef basic_mpi_ostream< char > utility::io::mpi_stream::mpi_ostream
typedef basic_mpi_ostream
< wchar_t > 


enum  utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_MSG {
  utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_OPEN = 1, utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_OPEN_APPEND, utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_SEND, utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_FLUSH,
  utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_CLOSE, utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_FILE_EXIST
 messages to send to MpiFileBuffer More...
enum  utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_FILE_STATUS { utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_SUCCESS_NEW = 1, utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_SUCCESS_APPEND, utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_FAIL }
 reported file status after opening More...


const std::size_t utility::io::mpi_stream::default_buffer_size = 921600
 Default gzip buffer size, change this to suite your needs. More...
const int utility::io::mpi_stream::MPI_STREAM_TAG = 42

Detailed Description

this is a stream class to communicate with MpiFileBuffer which should be in his .run() loop on the node given by master_rank_ all file-opening, file-closing and writing is rerouted via MPI to the dedicated FileBuf process this source is copy-pasted from zipstream.hpp...