Rosetta Utilities  2014.35
signals Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for signals:


file  BufferedSignalHub.fwd.hh
 forward declaration for utility::signals::BufferedSignalHub
file  BufferedSignalHub.hh
 SignalHub capable of buffering while blocking.
file  PausableSignalHub.fwd.hh
 forward declaration for utility::signals::PausableSignalHub
file  PausableSignalHub.hh
 BufferedSignalHub capable of pausing and waiting for stdin.
file  SignalHub.fwd.hh
 forward declaration for utility::signals::SignalHub
file  SignalHub.hh
 primary class for function based implementation of observer pattern
file  TokenHub.fwd.hh
 forward declaration for utility::signals::TokenHub
file  TokenHub.hh
 BufferedSignalHub capable of passing observers.