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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NbasicTags used to tag messeges sent by MPI functions used to decide whether a slave is requesting a new job id or flagging as job as being a bad input
 NnumericUnit headers
 NplatformFixed size types
 NstdSTL namespace
 NutilityUnresizable vector whose size is known at compile time, which may be allocated on the stack, and which indexes from 0
 CAnchorFinderMoverAnchorFinder mover
 CDockGlycansProtocolThe protocol ported from
 CDummyMoverMust have this after BOINC stuff to avoid windows build error
 CGlycanClashCheckMoverClass to print out info specific to glycan poses. Will be expanded as needed. Hope to eventually add it as both a mover and a features reporter. Needs to be completely rewritten
 CsuperchargeAdds charged residues to a protein surface
 CViewMembraneProteinMoverQuick Container Mover: Visualize Membrane Protein Using the PyMOL Viewer