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basic::MemTracer Class Reference

#include <MemTracer.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 ~MemTracer () override=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic::Tracer
 Tracer (std::string const &channel="", TracerPriority priority=t_info, bool muted_by_default=false)
 Create Tracer object with given channel and priority. More...
 Tracer (std::string const &channel, utility::CSI::CSI_Enum const &channel_color, utility::CSI::CSI_Enum const &channel_name_color=utility::CSI::Nothing, TracerPriority priority=t_info, bool muted_by_default=false)
 Create Tracer object with channel color, channel name color and given channel and priority. More...
virtual ~Tracer ()
 Tracer (Tracer const &)=delete
Traceroperator= (Tracer const &)=delete
template<typename T >
TracerImploperator<< (T const &entry)
 output operator We return a TracerImpl instead of ourself to make subsequent access faster. More...
TracerImploperator<< (std::ostream &(*entry)(std::ostream &))
 operator std::ostream & ()
 Allow Tracer object to be passed to something expecting a std::ostream. More...
void flush ()
void flush_all_channels ()
 flush tracer buffer and flush buffers of all sub-channels ie: Fatal, Error, Warning, Info, Debug, Trace More...
bool visible ()
bool visible (int priority)
std::string const & channel ()
TracerImploperator() (int priority)
void set_local_print_channel_name (bool const setting)
 Set whether we're printing the channel name. More...
bool get_local_print_channel_name ()
 Get whether we're printing the channel name. More...
std::streamsize width ()
std::streamsize width (std::streamsize wide)
std::streamsize precision ()
std::streamsize precision (std::streamsize prec)
std::ios_base::fmtflags flags ()
std::ios_base::fmtflags flags (std::ios_base::fmtflags fmtfl)

Protected Member Functions

std::unique_ptr< TracerImplcreate_impl () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from basic::Tracer
TracerImpltracer_impl ()
 The function which handles the construct-on-first use Not virtual for speed in the usual (non-creation) case. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from basic::Tracer
static void set_ios_hook (otstreamOP tr, std::string const &monitoring_channels_list, bool raw=true)
 TODO: See if we can kill any usage of this, except for the esoteric. More...
static std::string const & get_all_channels_string ()
static bool super_mute ()
 global super mute flag that allow to mute all io no matter what. More...
static void super_mute (bool f)
- Public Attributes inherited from basic::Tracer
TracerProxy Fatal
 channels with predefined priority levels. More...
TracerProxy Error
TracerProxy Warning
TracerProxy Info
TracerProxy Debug
TracerProxy Trace
- Static Public Attributes inherited from basic::Tracer
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Reset
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Bold
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Underline
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Black
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Red
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Green
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Yellow
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Blue
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Magenta
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum Cyan
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum White
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgBlack
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgRed
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgGreen
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgYellow
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgBlue
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgMagenta
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgCyan
static utility::CSI::CSI_Enum bgWhite

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

basic::MemTracer::~MemTracer ( )

Member Function Documentation

std::unique_ptr< TracerImpl > basic::MemTracer::create_impl ( )

Reimplemented from basic::Tracer.

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