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basic::database::DatabaseSessionLoader Class Reference

#include <DatabaseSessionLoader.hh>

Inheritance diagram for basic::database::DatabaseSessionLoader:
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Public Member Functions

 ~DatabaseSessionLoader () override=default
basic::resource_manager::ResourceOP create_resource (basic::resource_manager::ResourceOptions const &, basic::resource_manager::LocatorID const &, std::istream &istream) const override
basic::resource_manager::ResourceOptionsOP default_options () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from basic::resource_manager::ResourceLoader
 ~ResourceLoader () override
virtual ResourceCOP create_resource (ResourceManager &resource_manager, utility::tag::TagCOP resource_tag, std::string const &input_id, std::istream &istream) const =0
 Create a resource, held in an owning pointer, of any type which will be stored in the ResourceManager; a resource may depend on another resource held / managed by the ResourceManager. If a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) resource is requested during the construction of this resource, the resource manager will take note of their interdependency and preserve the second resource for as long as the first one has not been deallocated. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from utility::VirtualBase
 VirtualBase ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~VirtualBase ()=default
 The virtual destructor is one of the main reasons for the VirtualBase class. More...
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase const &)=default
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase &&)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase const &)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase &&)=default

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

basic::database::DatabaseSessionLoader::~DatabaseSessionLoader ( )

Member Function Documentation

basic::resource_manager::ResourceOP basic::database::DatabaseSessionLoader::create_resource ( basic::resource_manager::ResourceOptions const &  options,
basic::resource_manager::LocatorID const &  ,
std::istream &  istream 
) const
basic::resource_manager::ResourceOptionsOP basic::database::DatabaseSessionLoader::default_options ( ) const

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