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LigandRepackMinimizeProtocol Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LigandRepackMinimizeProtocol ()
void apply (core::pose::Pose &pose) override
 Creates a new hierarchy of Movers for each Pose passed in. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LigandRepackMinimizeProtocol::LigandRepackMinimizeProtocol ( )

References DRRAFTER::type.

Referenced by main().

Member Function Documentation

void LigandRepackMinimizeProtocol::apply ( core::pose::Pose pose)

Creates a new hierarchy of Movers for each Pose passed in.

Some Movers (e.g. repack) require knowledge of the Pose to create, and are only valid for that Pose and other conformations of it (i.e. poses with the same number of residues, jumps, etc). In general, we expect each Pose coming in here to be from a different PDB file. The cost of creating these objects anew should be minimal compared to the processing work they do.

References basic::options::OptionKeys::in::file::movemap, demo.D010_Pose_structure::pose, and test.G200_Module_Region::task.

Referenced by pyrosetta.distributed.tasks.rosetta_scripts.BaseRosettaScriptsTask::execute().

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