Rosetta  2021.16
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Functions | Variables Namespace Reference


def _print_conda_warnings
def get_protocols
def get_instance_kwargs
def recreate_environment
def reserve_scores
def reproduce
def produce


string __author__ = "Jason C. Klima"
string __email__ = ""
tuple P = TypeVar("P", bound=Callable[..., Any])

Function Documentation

def (   None)
Print warning message if Anaconda or Miniconda are not installed and we are
not in an active conda environment.

References, pyrosetta.distributed.cluster.converter_tasks.get_yml(), and fmt.print().

def (   input_file)
def (   protocols)
def (   kwargs)
def (   environment_name)
def (   input_file)
def (   func)

Variable Documentation

string = "Jason C. Klima"
string = ""
tuple = TypeVar("P", bound=Callable[..., Any])