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ScoreFragInfo Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 ScoreFragInfo ()=default
 ScoreFragInfo (std::string const &id, int aa, core::Size phibin, core::Size psibin, core::Size rotidx, core::Size r1, core::Size r2, core::Size r3, core::Size r4, core::Size weight, core::Real fragscore)

Public Attributes

std::string id_
int aa_
core::Size phibin_ = 0
core::Size psibin_ = 0
core::Size rotidx_ = 0
core::Size rotid_ [4]
core::Size weight_ = 0
core::Real fragscore_ = 0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScoreFragInfo::ScoreFragInfo ( )
ScoreFragInfo::ScoreFragInfo ( std::string const &  id,
int  aa,
core::Size  phibin,
core::Size  psibin,
core::Size  rotidx,
core::Size  r1,
core::Size  r2,
core::Size  r3,
core::Size  r4,
core::Size  weight,
core::Real  fragscore 

Member Data Documentation

int ScoreFragInfo::aa_
core::Real ScoreFragInfo::fragscore_ = 0
std::string ScoreFragInfo::id_

Referenced by correct_dunbrack(), and correct_rama().

core::Size ScoreFragInfo::phibin_ = 0
core::Size ScoreFragInfo::psibin_ = 0
core::Size ScoreFragInfo::rotid_[4]
core::Size ScoreFragInfo::rotidx_ = 0
core::Size ScoreFragInfo::weight_ = 0

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