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utility::signals::LinkUnit Struct Reference

struct specifying actual link data between observers and subjects More...

#include <LinkUnit.hh>

Inheritance diagram for utility::signals::LinkUnit:
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Public Member Functions

 LinkUnit (void *f)
 function pointer constructor More...
 ~LinkUnit () override=default
 default destructor More...
template<typename Function >
Function & fref ()
 return a reference to the function object with requested cast More...
template<typename Function , typename Signal >
void send (Signal s)
 send a signal using the member function More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from utility::VirtualBase
 VirtualBase ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~VirtualBase ()=default
 The virtual destructor is one of the main reasons for the VirtualBase class. More...
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase const &)=default
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase &&)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase const &)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase &&)=default

Public Attributes

void * fn
 the observer's member function More...
bool valid
 connection still valid? More...
bool blocked
 connection locally blocked? More...

Private Types

typedef utility::VirtualBase Super

Private Member Functions

 LinkUnit ()
 disallow default constructor More...
 LinkUnit (LinkUnit const &rval)
 disallow copy constructor More...
LinkUnitoperator= (LinkUnit const &rval)
 disallow copy assignment More...

Detailed Description

struct specifying actual link data between observers and subjects

Used internally by SignalHub. There is no copy constructor and copy assignment, a LinkUnit is meant to be created only once for each connection.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

utility::signals::LinkUnit::LinkUnit ( )

disallow default constructor

utility::signals::LinkUnit::LinkUnit ( LinkUnit const &  rval)

disallow copy constructor

utility::signals::LinkUnit::LinkUnit ( void *  f)

function pointer constructor

fpointer to function object with proper signature
utility::signals::LinkUnit::~LinkUnit ( )

default destructor

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Function >
Function& utility::signals::LinkUnit::fref ( )

return a reference to the function object with requested cast

References debug_assert, and fn.

LinkUnit& utility::signals::LinkUnit::operator= ( LinkUnit const &  rval)

disallow copy assignment

template<typename Function , typename Signal >
void utility::signals::LinkUnit::send ( Signal  s)

send a signal using the member function

Template Parameters
theboost function type
theSignal to send, must match the necessary function signature

References blocked, debug_assert, fn, and valid.

Member Data Documentation

bool utility::signals::LinkUnit::blocked

connection locally blocked?

Referenced by send().

void* utility::signals::LinkUnit::fn

the observer's member function

dependent upon SignalHub to manage memory

Referenced by utility::signals::SignalHub< ReturnType, Signal >::deallocate(), fref(), and send().

bool utility::signals::LinkUnit::valid

connection still valid?

Referenced by send().

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