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pyrosetta.distributed.packed_pose.core.PackedPose Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def pose
def update_scores

Public Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __slots__ = ("scores", "pickled_pose")

Detailed Description

Serializable, read-only access to a serialized pose object.

PackedPose functions as the equivalent of the "Pose" object within the pyrosetta.distributed
namespace. It holds a serialized pose object and a cached dictionary of scores extracted
from the serialized pose. It can be "unpacked" into a working pose or isomorphicly represented
as primitive datatypes or pandas data structures.

The "primitive" datatype represention of PackedPosed is a dict containing, at least, the
key "packed_pose" holding a base64-encoded unicode string of the pickled pose object. This
representation supports transparent interconversion between json and the packed format. In
contrast, PackedPose includes the *bytes* representation of the pose object and is not suitable
for serialization as text.

It should be noted that all pickled representations are *highly* compressible.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pyrosetta.distributed.packed_pose.core.PackedPose.__init__ (   self,
Create a packed pose from pose, pack, or pickled bytes.

Referenced by pyrosetta.distributed.tasks.taskbase.TaskBase.__setstate__().

Member Function Documentation

def pyrosetta.distributed.packed_pose.core.PackedPose.pose (   self)
def pyrosetta.distributed.packed_pose.core.PackedPose.update_scores (   self,

Member Data Documentation

tuple pyrosetta.distributed.packed_pose.core.PackedPose.__slots__ = ("scores", "pickled_pose")

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