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numeric::geometry::hashing::xyzStripeHashWithMeta_float Class Reference

#include <xyzStripeHashWithMeta.hh>

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- Public Types inherited from numeric::geometry::hashing::xyzStripeHashWithMeta< float >
typedef std::pair
< numeric::xyzVector< float >
, float
typedef unsigned short ushort
typedef numeric::xyzVector< floatVec
- Public Member Functions inherited from numeric::geometry::hashing::xyzStripeHashWithMeta< float >
 xyzStripeHashWithMeta (floatgrid_size)
 xyzStripeHashWithMeta (floatgrid_size, utility::vector1< numeric::xyzVector< float > > const &atoms, utility::vector1< float > const &meta)
void init (utility::vector1< numeric::xyzVector< float > > const &atoms, utility::vector1< float > const &meta)
 ~xyzStripeHashWithMeta () override
xyz_iterator xyz_begin () const
xyz_iterator xyz_end () const
meta_iterator meta_begin () const
meta_iterator meta_end () const
xyzmeta_iterator xyzmeta_begin () const
xyzmeta_iterator xyzmeta_end () const
bool sanity_check () const
int nbcount (xyzVector< float > const &v_in) const
void visit (Vec const &v_in, floatconst &m_in, V &visitor) const
void visit_lax (Vec const &v_in, floatconst &m_in, V &visitor) const
float4 const * grid_atoms () const
ushort2 const * grid_stripe () const
int natom () const
int xdim () const
int ydim () const
int zdim () const
float grid_size () const
const numeric::xyzVector< floattranslation () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from utility::VirtualBase
 VirtualBase ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~VirtualBase ()=default
 The virtual destructor is one of the main reasons for the VirtualBase class. More...
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase const &)=default
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase &&)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase const &)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase &&)=default

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